Hyundai i30 Sedan N wins 4th place in the 2022 MOTOR sports car

It’s another winning product from Namyang as the Hyundai i30 Sedan N has proven to be a competent road sports car of the year.


This is amazing. he is. crazy. Your first acquaintance with the Hyundai i30 Sedan N is likely to make a lasting impression. If you can run everything in N mode and swerve the car on a challenging road and don’t laugh like a goof, you’re dead inside. Neurotic steering, outrageously gruesome mapping, and absolute front grip make this four-door villain feel like he’s operating with a level of intensity that surpasses anything else in the SCOTY realm.

Hyundai has done a great job of infusing this car with bags of character and when everything is compressed into a softer setting, there is a real duality of personality. The extra wheelbase above the hatch shows superior ride quality but less playful dynamics. It’s a great road car. But it feels so intense that we expected more of her on the right track. After the road loops, the i30 N sedan was headed toward the top of the SCOTY range.

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On the track, it was the fastest car we had after the Mustang outboard and Special Sauce GR Yaris Rally. Despite this, each judge walked out and handed the keys and never entered Hyundai again. Handling seemed a bit more directional, with its longer wheelbase smoothing out its abundance rather than leaving it freestyle like a berserk Focus ST.

Michelin Pilot Sport 4S tires are a great choice, but they seem to outperform the brakes; The pedal lasts a long time in a fairly short time. Testers loved the DCT eight-speed transmission but noted that the steering needed to be re-slit in its center position to get the unruly edges out of the corner entry and exit.

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There was also a vast contrast between the soothing acoustics on the throttle and the sound effects off the throttle. In the end, she felt as if she had dumped her envelope of excitement on the circuit.

“Is that it?” asked Jonko, wondering where so much of the audio drama on the road in the vast open spaces of Phillip Island had disappeared. “You do two laps and then you don’t feel like you need to go in again,” Luffy said. “There is not much to her.”

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One of the champions of the i30 N Sedan was Bernie, who put the i30 second, just ahead of the Focus ST. “This is a well-blooded car. It will be a giant with another 50-100 Nm.” However, fourth place overall and a sniff of the podium seemed a fair result for the four-door N car.

Oddly enough, for one of the very few cars sold with an all-day warranty, it’s probably a better road car than a track tool. For the majority of owners, this will be more than enough.

Judge’s comment

Alex Effat

“I am a huge fan of this i30. The outstanding performance is best in class and the most comfortable of all N cars”

Ranking: Sixth

Andy Enright

“Yes, pop-bang exhaust maps are juvenile and obnoxious, but… am I a terrible person?”

Ranking: Sixth

Trent Junko

“The i30 has a great front end and the LSD allows it to drain cleanly. Despite that, there are quite a few driving modes”

Ranking: Sixth

Cameron Kirby

“The i30 N Sedan is here for one purpose: go fast and feel confident doing it”

Ranking: Sixth

Bernie Quinn

“The engine isn’t as torquey as the Ford Focus ST but the i30 engine has a slightly higher end bonus”

Second place

Luffy’s opinion

“This car is really fast, but it’s not as attractive as the Focus or the BRZ. The rear is solid in track mode. You need to handle it with respect.”

The main characters

0-100 km/h: 5.95 seconds
0-400m: 14.01 seconds
Cycle time: 1: 52.29

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