Hurry up and get a luxury apartment in Amarillo

I might be slow to the party but I had no idea there were luxury apartments in Amarillo. I ran across this the other day, of course, I was interested. It didn’t surprise me that they were located in downtown Amarillo.

Over the years that area has really changed. I would never have thought of living in that area. For now, maybe all right. Until I saw how much it would cost. This would not have happened

I knew downtown Amarillo had Firestone. I had heard of Residence at 600 and had never looked at them. Until I saw a Facebook post saying there were only five apartments left for rent. So I was curious.

If you do not know about these apartments, they are luxury apartments in Amarillo. yes? I didn’t know this was a thing but I think so. It is located in the Firstbank Southwest building. You know the guy with the Amarillo Club, too.

I think it was the prices that got me into a vicious circle. I will say that the apartments look beautiful. They even have a space to take your dogs for a potty break without leaving the premises. This is beautiful. Still the price though.

Who can bear this?

Looking at their website, they have a total of fourteen apartments. All but five have been rented. If you are looking for a one bedroom, one bathroom, you are out of luck. These are all rented.

But if you need a bedroom, you’re in luck. Just like any other apartment, you’ll just have to get the money, which includes a $2,000 deposit. Let’s talk about rent for these.

Life is good if you can afford $2,975 a month. Even if you have a roommate, you’re still looking for less than $1,500 per month. This is for a 1,600 square foot apartment. Fabulous. There’s even one condo available for $3,225 a month.

Credit: Accommodation at 600

Credit: Accommodation at 600

I understood on the radio. This is way too rich for my blood. I couldn’t imagine spending $35,000 a year on rent. Kudos to whoever can afford this. Since there are already seven rental apartments, there are people in Amarillo who can afford it.

Are any of you single?

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