How to recreate English country style at home

If the clean lines and modern seaside vibes of coastal grandma’s aesthetics aren’t your decorating style at home, maybe pretty florals and classic English country-style gingham prints are for you. From bold pops of paint and cheerful wallpaper prints to ornate oil paintings and fun draped lampshades, there are many ways to capture the quintessential essence of English country style at home.

Here are 10 ways to bring a touch of English country style into your home.

1. Gingham and flowers make the bed

Credit: Threshold/Hill House Home

Add classic touches of checkered patterns and floral motifs.

Luxurious English country style isn’t about simplicity—it’s all about adorable floral prints and cotton, especially when it comes to bed sheets.

Make a statement with this gingham comforter set paired with sheets from Hill House Home. (Yes, the same people behind the siesta dress at Hill House.)

2. Ginger jars for lining the walls

Two pictures of a blue and white vase.
Credit: Household Goods

Add a distinctive feature of English home design to your collections.

Delicate blue and white vases, also known as gingerbread urns, are key to the home’s elegant English country style. The original design of these jars was used to transport spices in ancient China. Later, ornate urns were exported to Europe and became a hallmark of English home design.

Now, you can find replicas of these accessories and use them to decorate a mantle or put them on a bookshelf. The cobalt blue and crisp white color is surprisingly versatile and will blend seamlessly with any decor.

Get the Artistic Accents Temple Jar at Home Goods for $50

3. A modern look at classic oil painting

Close-up of a fruit framed still life painting.
Credit: Molly Benson for wall art

Bring vibrant life to your dining room.

Yes, even English country style loves a gallery wall. Start your own art collection with a contemporary painting. This artist Molly Benson, who works in the English countryside, features culinary favorites like avocado and orange.

Their use of vibrant colors will brighten up your space and grab the attention of anyone who passes through your home.

Get Oranges & Avocados Wall Art at Anthropologie for $278

4. Giving the walls character

Two pictures of illustrations of plants and animals on the wallpaper.
Credit: Paper Guns Company.

Keep the eye busy with these lively backgrounds.

You’ll find patterns jumping off the walls of English country homes. Pasting designs with boisterous flowers or a group of animals will bring new life to your walls.

Rifle Paper Co. has ventured beyond stability and home décor with flashy wallpapers. Beautiful hydrangea flowers will bring spring into your home all year round. For a more classic design, the Menagerie print is reminiscent of traditional toile style.

5. Floral rugs to decorate your floors

Two pictures of carpets with floral motifs.
Credit: Safavid

Decorate your home with floral accents.

English country decor is all about decorating every inch of your home, so don’t forget the floors. Cover your living space with decorative rugs such as traditional oriental florals or large floral prints.

This antique floral rug has a vintage charm. It comes in a wide range of sizes so it can cover any space you need. It’s a sneaky way to add extra design elements for a real extreme style.

Get the Safavieh Vintage Morven Floral Area Rug at Walmart starting at $77

6. Decorative panels are as functional

Two pictures of dinnerware with bird motifs.
credit: CB2

Incorporate the outside world into your space with animal and plant designs.

Perfectly configured china cabinets with plates make your dinnerware look more decorative than functional. However, you want a dish that you can eat and not just look at.

In an English home, you’ll find dishes with elaborate floral and animal designs. CB2 Chelsea Bowls feature illustrations of birds and greenery adorning a full range of dishes, from dinner plates to soup bowls.

Get the Chelsea Dinner Plate at CB2 for $20

7. Let modular furnishings dominate your living room

Close-up of a brown striped bench.
Credit: Birch Lin

Add upholstered prints to your living spaces.

A unique rustic approach to furnishing your living room is to replace your coffee table with a plush upholstered ottoman. Bonus points if they come in breathtaking print.

The classic English look of this ottoman with its rich upholstery and ornate wooden legs is quite charming. You can choose the fabric pattern you want, such as the Idyllic Days Sapphire color that will complement the ginger jars you display.

If you want a matching sofa, look for an armless two-seater sofa that complements the look.

8. Embrace rustic furniture in the kitchen

Two pictures of rustic dining rooms.
Credit: Kosas Home / Christopher Knight Home

Create a rustic getaway with farmhouse décor.

English country style and farmhouse décor mingle when it comes to the kitchen with this sprawling rustic table. A natural wood table with an airy finish will look better over time.

For the chairs around your table, keep up with the latest trends with upholstered dining chairs like these that come in a beautiful plaid for subtle print.

9. Lampshades to brighten the room

Close-up of a copper lamp in a pink shade.
Credit: Amber Lewis for Anthropologie

Discover flair with colorful lampshades.

Even the lampshades of an English country house should add a little flair. Beautiful prints on the lampshade can liven up a room without having to swap out the entire lamp.

Small floral prints are a simple way to add some excitement to your lamps.

Get the Amber Lewis Floral Lamp Shade in Anthropologie starting at $98

10. Make a splash of saturated color walls

(Left) A room with bright pink walls.  (Right) A white room with a dark blue door.
Credit: Backdrop Home

Penetrate the brush for bold colours.

If you’re ready to enjoy rustic decor, it’s time to get your paintbrushes. The home’s English country style embraces color through shades of poppy that cover the walls.

Backdrop produces some vibrant colors from radiant magenta to bright pink. To truly capture the magic of English in your paint choices, choose shades of pink, blue, purple, and green. The higher the percentage of saturation, the better.

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