How to decorate big walls – designer tips to make the most of your walls

Oddly enough, I find decorating large walls more difficult than it might seem. I got to a point in my home renovation when paint colors were chosen and rooms were mostly decorated and furnished. However, I find it difficult to choose what to put on the walls.

“People tend to worry about walls,” says celebrity interior designer Russell Sage. Among his many brilliantly curated projects is The Fife Arms, a hotel in Scotland known for its clever interior décor. I tend to drift, and I think this is the best way. Just keep going, never stopping, and take the color up and over the ceilings too. For a really big space, I’m happy to commission an artist to make a mural that covers everything. This worked to great effect in Clunie’s dining room at Fife Arms, pictured above, and the result was a dramatic space that changes what you think you know about how period features are presented.

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