Housing projects in Buellton, Ventura County receive state grants

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This is a view of the futuristic Village Senior Apartments complex in Buellton.

The state has awarded $11.6 million to develop two affordable housing projects — one in Buellton and one in unincorporated Ventura County.

The Cabrillo Economic Development Corp. was selected. To receive funding from the California Department of Housing, Community Development and Housing for a California health program.

One of the complexes, Village Senior Apartments, will be built in Buellton.

When completed, the Buellton complex will provide 50 permanent supportive housing units intended for seniors and veterans. The gated community will include a social service area, a recreation room, a central courtyard for outdoor activities and a community garden, according to the Center for Economic and Social Development.

“This is funded by a $3,960,000 grant for 50 low-income housing units for seniors and veterans,” CEDC CEO Margarita HD Escontrias told News-Press. There will be 44 one-bedroom units and six two-bedroom units. We’ve raised all development funding except for tax credits from the state of California.”

CEDC plans to begin construction next summer, pending approval of the tax credits.

If the tax credits are denied, CEDC plans to re-apply for them in early 2023 and delay construction until December 2023.

Ms. de Escontrias said the process to apply for tax credits is “a very competitive process that is graded, graded, scored and awarded points”. “Most of the time, an affordable housing developer advances two to three times. It is very complex and multi-layered financing.”

“We are not worried,” she said. “We think we have a very competitive application.

“This housing is targeted at those at risk of housing loss or who have lost housing, as well as seniors looking for affordable units,” she continued. “The homeless population in Santa Barbara is up about 4% this year, with homeless people staying in and out of Buellton and near Lombok.”

The second grant – this $7.6 million grant – goes to the Camino de Salud project in an unincorporated area of ​​Ventura County. The money will help create 49 affordable housing units, according to CEDC.

“We are delighted and honored to have been chosen as our property in this competitive funding application,” said Victoria J. Brady, CEDC’s Chief Financial Officer. “These two residential communities will provide safe, affordable housing for many years to come, and Cabrillo is proud to partner with the California Department of Housing and Community Development to continue providing much-needed housing in California.”

Ms. de Escontias said CEDC is looking to “expand our footprint in Santa Barbara and Ventura counties and is looking to build affordable housing as permitted by law. Our mission has been to build, develop and manage affordable housing. We exist to provide housing not only for people with disabilities, who have been Previously homeless, but also seniors, farm workers and large families. We operate over 1,000 apartment homes in Ventura County.”

The Buellton complex will be the first CEDC complex in Santa Barbara County.

Ms. de Escontias said CEDC’s mission is to “build affordable housing for low-income families. Our services include assistance with access and linkage to Medi-cal enrollment, case management, peer support activities, behavioral health care, crisis counseling, professional services and more.”

For more information, visit www.cabrilloedc.org.

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