HouseFresh upgrades Friends apartment with biophilic design

Imagine Monica Geller’s apartment in friends Without the purple front door, teal cabinets, mismatched dining chairs, and other ’90s decor. HouseFresh, a team of professionals who give tips on keeping your home “clean and fresh,” discovered the sitcom’s popular apartment using elements of biophilic design, including greenery and natural materials, such as wood. 3D rendering and rendering captures nearly every detail of the living space—the infamous yellow frame included—reducing the heavy use of color and pattern in neutral shades.

The creative endeavor offers a “hands-on exploration” of how to decorate interior spaces using dynamic design elements. In choosing a placebo friends Apartment — flat. 20 at 90 Bedford Street— HouseFresh conveys vibrant concepts in a well-known and widely recognized space.

Monica Geller’s Kitchen (HouseFresh)

Biophilia is an innate human tendency to engage with nature. Biophilic design integrates nature and human biology into the built environment, which improves human health – reduces stress, enhances creativity and focus, and facilitates recovery. Design guidelines include furnishing the space with biological pieces, balancing and contrasting objects in color, size and scale, creating sanctuary spaces, and controlling the climate—while considering natural ventilation and light.

Large window with curtains and hanging greenery
Monica Geller’s window overlooks the balcony. (House Fresh)

“The HouseFresh team redesigned Monica’s iconic apartment using edginess design principles – using materials, grains, textures and elements in the design that clearly reflect the natural environment to create an inclusive sense of the natural world,” said the designers responsible for the project in a press release. “After compiling a list of popular neighborhood-loving design elements, such as using large wooden beams and incorporating plants into the design, the design team applied these design principles to each room in Monica’s apartment to create a series of displays to showcase what it would look like.”

The defining principle of vibrant design is visual connections with nature, and capturing this element is a challenge in a New York City apartment pressed for space and surrounded by views of monolithic brick buildings. Placing potted plants and hanging green walls is a simple way that novice interior designers can try their hand at bringing nature indoors.

In HouseFresh’s visualizations friends apartment, the infamous entryway running between Monica’s door and Chandler and Joey’s apartment facing a factory wall; Likewise, green curtains from the ceiling beams in the open space of the living room, kitchen and balcony furnish.

Rattan bed with pink walls
Monica Geller’s bedroom. (House Fresh)

For the furnishings at the Pseudo-West Village residence, wooden bedside tables and end tables are swapped for actual tree trunks and lamp stands reminiscent of branches. The white sofa in the middle of the living room takes on a new shape that resembles the indefinite shape of a living being. Gone are the multicolored walls, now replaced by a mix of wood materials, including rattan and bamboo.

Entrance with green door wal green plant
The entrance is between Monica and Chandler’s apartments. (House Fresh)

This isn’t the first time the design team has reimagined the apartment of Geller; Other iterations of the two-bedroom, one-bath fairy home include a Victorian overhaul and remodel by acclaimed designer Bobby Burke.

What if Central Perk was reimagined then?

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