Honda Civic celebrates its fiftieth anniversary this year

Not only is the BMW M division celebrating its 50th anniversary this year but the iconic Honda Civic as well.

It was way back in 1972 when the Honda Civic hit the market and was not only one of the first automakers offered in Europe but was also the first car to comply with the 1970 Clean Air Act. Over a million units were produced in the car’s first four years. The second generation Civic was not introduced until 1979.

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Honda equipped the second-generation Civic with a 1.3-liter four-cylinder before expanding the lineup with a larger 1.5-liter capacity, both hatchback and wagon models. A five-speed manual has also been added to the range. Interestingly, the second-generation Civic survived until 1983 when it was replaced by a larger third-generation model that introduced the company’s “Man-Maximum-Machine Minimum” principle, a human-centered approach to design that continues to define the all-new. Honda models.

Fast forward another 4 years and that was the time of the fourth generation of the Civic. It introduced Variable Valve Control and Left Electronic Control (VTEC) systems and the fifth generation soon followed in 1991 and then the sixth. The latter was particularly important because it introduced the CVT and produced the first R-type variant.

Honda brought in the 2000s with its seventh generation model, complete with hybrid technology for the first time. The particularly stunning eighth generation debuted in 2005 with pronounced triangular design elements that continue to cause controversy. The ninth and tenth generation models debuted in the ensuing years, with the latest FK8 Civic Type R, perhaps the best Honda ever adorned with the Type R badge.

Now, the Civic is in its eleventh generation and in just days, the all-new Civic Type R will be introduced to the world, the perfect way to celebrate 50 years of Civic.

“Since the first generation, launched with such acclaim, the Honda Civic has been an iconic model for European customers,” Honda Motor Europe Vice President Tom Gardner noted in a statement. “The eleventh generation incorporates the core characteristics of functionality, ease of use and comfort from the first generation of the Civic. It has been designed to ensure that the powertrain, steering and suspension deliver the reactive levels of performance, dynamic response and feedback that have always been central to the appeal of the Civic.”

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