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Plans to expand and improve a country house hotel – located within the Cotswolds region of Outstanding Natural Beauty – are expected to advance next week, although in the face of opposition. The proposals were brought to the committee earlier this month, with the decision postponed.

In 2018, the Homewood Park Hotel was purchased by Ian and Christa Taylor with the goal of transforming it into a “luxury and comfortable” venue.

Under their supervision, Homewood was relaunched in January 2020 and was very popular. It also operates a restaurant and spa.

Last year plans were presented for a number of improvements to the ground. It included six luxurious guest suites, an administrative office, and a small meeting/event space for 40-50 people.

All this will be north of the main hotel in the grounds of the Homewood Lodge.

Three “modest expansions” of the existing spa facility have also been proposed.

“The new buildings will follow suit from the existing hotel with its hinged roof and polite position against a backdrop of trees with minimal intrusion into the wider landscape,” said the design and access statement.

However, a revised proposal drafted by Aaron Evans Architects in March 2022 notes that during the consultation period, it became clear that “local residents have a number of concerns, which are in turn reflected in the official objection responses submitted by Freshford Parish Council and Hinton Charterhouse Parish Council”.

As such, meetings were held to identify issues and prepared parts of plans again.

This includes redesigning guest accommodations – such as removing balconies and reducing glazing to reduce perceived privacy issues – removal of the proposed spa roof terrace, redesigning the spa building to reduce the existing visual impact within the broader landscape setting, revised landscaping proposals to further enhance biodiversity, providing additional screening and residential privacy protection, redesigning interior lighting and reducing new exterior lighting to reduce light spillage.

The request was submitted to the Planning Committee of Bath and Northeast Somerset Council on 1 June, with a report prepared before the meeting indicating that some objections had been raised by those living in the area.

However, while approval was recommended, the request was deferred to enable committee members to conduct a field visit.

He is now before the committee, and the meeting is scheduled for June 29.

A new report noted that while we say that while officers “understand and acknowledge residents’ concerns,” it considers the revised scheme “worked hard to address as many concerns as possible.”

It added that “there are no outstanding objections from the consultants and the officials consider the proposals to be compatible with the relevant planning policies.”

“As such, it is recommended to propose for permission, subject to conditions.”

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