Historic 1987 Porsche 962 IMSA Racer debuts on the global auto auction platform

Collecting Cars today announced the global auction of the recently launched 1987 Porsche 962 IMSA racing car. Re-certified FIA Historic Technical Passport. The auction will run until Monday, April 25.

The rare Porsche is powered by a 3.2-liter flat-six with a single turbocharger, producing around 590 horsepower, and driving the rear wheels through a five-speed manual gearbox. A true IMSA racer with an updated Chapman Composite Basin, the 962 was raced in this period, driven by Bob Akin with well-known drivers Verne Chopin, James Weaver and Hurley Haywood.

A true motorsport legend, the 962 was a vast improvement over the 956. Being a more well-rounded and controllable racer, it drove Porsche to its record sixth victory at Le Mans in 1987 and racked up 180 racetrack victories.

This 962 features a stronger tub designed by former Lola engineer Jim Chapman, which provided a significant increase in stiffness thanks to its honeycomb-sealed body and aluminum rear fender.

Legendary racer Bob Akin took over the 962 in 1987, marking the last IMSA he ever drove, and also the team’s first car he wasn’t personally driving. The car made its Road America 500 debut in August 1987, driven by James Weaver and Verne Chopin – the latter undoubtedly familiar to Porsche enthusiasts, having created the 962CR Chopin Highway in honor of the legendary racing cars. On Road America, the car will finish in fifth place.

Six weeks later, the 962 competed in the Columbus 500, driven by James Weaver, in partnership with Hurley Haywood. Having placed 13th on the grid, the duo ranked 8th overall.

It was IMSA’s third and final race at 962 at Del Mar for two hours and James Weaver was the only driver. It’s all over with DNF, though not due to any accident, the car will retire unscathed from the IMSA competition.

Akin kept the car until 1991, and sold it to Dr. Tom Green of Saline, Michigan. In 2002, Green sold the car to Stan Wattles of Glen Cove, New York. Wattles engaged expert Sean Creech of Sean Creech Motorsport / Metro Racing Systems to bring the car back to a visual and mechanical high.

quick Facts:

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