Here’s how the Ultimate V12 Lambos Aventador and Murcielago compare

Through Lamborghini Rich history, they’ve built many of the greatest cars the world has ever seen. Whether it’s the world’s first supercar, the Miura, or the V12 icon of the ’90s, the Diablo, they all have easy eye-catching capability. However, not many can achieve it quite like Murcielago and Aventador, modern 21st century classics.

Since the early 2000s, Lamborghini has released some great sports cars that have been a hit, whether it’s a Gallardo, Huracan, or even a Urus SUV, but this company isn’t the auto legend everyone knows today because it built V10s or V8s. For Lamborghini, the best cars have always been V12s, and the two cars built with this engine in the past 20 years have been the heyday of that.

The Aventador and Murcielago both make strong cases for being the greatest V12 Lamborghini ever. However, there can only be one in the end, and with all that each of these works of art has to offer, there is great debate over the ultimate V12 Lamborghini.

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Monster V12s

The Lamborghini Aventador and Murcielago both feature the company’s iconic V12 engine like many of its best creations throughout its history. Both make for massive power and an especially loud sound. However, they differ slightly. They both have a 6.5-liter engine, but the Murcielago delivers a much louder sound, sometimes compared to the stupendous noise of old Formula 1 cars.

Aventador similarly looks amazing; Since it’s hard to make a V12 sound bad, it’s not nearly as loud and has a much deeper bass. However, with a few modifications, like Gintani’s F1 exhaust system, you can make some variants of the Aventador look similarly good. Basically, they both sound amazing, and choosing the best sound really depends on personal opinion.

However, the sound the engine makes isn’t the only important thing to note about these two V12 engines. The purpose of an engine is to generate power, and these two do that better than almost anything. The Murcielago, which was in production for nine years from 2001 through 2010, made between 572 and 661 horsepower on various models during that time.

The latest version of the V12, the Aventador, came next, and production began in 2011, and many variants are still built today. With its models, ranging from the Pirelli Edition to newer versions like the SVJ 63, the Aventador had between 690 and 770 horsepower. Over ten years of production, they gained almost 100 horsepower, which is more than one seventh of the total power that the original model had.

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Daily driver?

Although Lamborghini cars have never been seen as practical or everyday driving, because that’s not what they were made for, it’s always nice to have them in the car. Just by looking at either of these two bulls, you can tell that neither Murcielago nor Aventador is practical in any way.

They’re mid-engine, two-seat V12s, and they’re very low to the ground, quite unlike practical ones. However, one of those has the total potential to be a daily driver, if you can handle minimal trunk space and plenty of gas money. The Murcielago is built with the E-Gear and single clutch system. When the car was in production, the E-Gear system wasn’t very developed, so after not very many miles for most cars, the car could have to service, often costing tens of thousands, as the entire engine in order to run in Murcielago would have to.

One Murcielago owner who’s had his fair share of problems with the car, DailyDrivenExotics, has shown this exact thing being done over and over to their V12 monster. A different YouTuber for Cars showed that the Aventador is an entirely different situation. Just one year later, Savage Garage put nearly 15,000 miles on the SVJ and plans to eventually reach 100,000. 15,000 more than most cars like the Aventador or Murcielago will ever see in a lifetime.

A big part of higher reliability is time at the end. Nine years into the Murcielago, they weren’t going to use the same damage-prone system as before, so now in the Aventador there’s a much more reliable 7-speed manual ISR automatic and single-clutch system, which gets more aggressive shifts compared to the smoother dual-clutch system out there. In cars like the Huracan.

All of this essentially means that while none of these cars are reliable in any way, shape or form, you could theoretically drive an Aventador a lot, a feat you probably couldn’t do with a Lamborghini Murcielago.RELATED: Lamborghini Murcielago SV: costs, facts and figures

log breakers

Basically, all exotic cars will have crazy numbers in all classes and can outperform almost any car on the planet in more ways than one. The list of cars with this level of capability and performance is quite small, but there is a smaller list of cars that are good at what they do so they could be the best in the world at something. Lamborghini, as a company, has records in its long history at certain points. An example of this was when Diablo held the top speed record for a production car in the 1990s.

Well, both Murcielago and Aventador set world records in their own right. When the Murcielago was in production, it set the record for the longest distance traveled in an hour, at just under 190 miles, along with some similar records for different distances and amount of time. Most people would have looked at the Murcielago and thought it might be the fastest car in the world, but no. Although it has a top speed of 214 miles per hour, which is extremely fast, it was, by no means, a record.

Regarding the top speed record, the Lamborghini Aventador has already scored fairly one. The Nürburgring is one of the most famous racetracks in the world, not only for its wild design, but also because anyone, no matter car, bus, truck or any other vehicle they can think of, is allowed to make the rounds. on him. It’s also a path for bragging rights, as the world’s major auto manufacturers are constantly trying to break each other’s production lap records, which continue to increase over time.

The Porsche GT2RS currently holds the three production car laps in pole position, with the Mercedes-Benz AMG GT Black Series taking second place, and the Lamborghini Aventador SVJ, once the king of the Nürburgring, now the third best of all time. . However, it must be noted that the only two cars in front of the Aventador are not naturally inspired and had to use things like turbos to achieve high speeds, while the SVJ is a pure V12.

This basically means that the Lamborghini Aventador is the world’s fastest naturally aspirated production car around the Nurburgring, and as automakers turn to powertrains like electric and turbocharged engines, it has a good chance of staying in that position forever. A Lamborghini Murcielago may have an old distance record, but does that really compare to the blazing speed of the Aventador around one of the world’s most famous racetracks?

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turning heads

If you’re spending hundreds of thousands on an impractical car that’s going to cost you home repair bills, you probably want it to be as wild and flashy as possible. Some people might buy a car like the Murcielago or Aventador simply for the experience, but many would like to see them if they drive one of these cars, and they both do a great job at it.

Sticking with Lamborghini’s making cars that are above insanity, they both look absolutely insane, and they both have crazy scissor doors that point upward. However, while an authentic person might turn to the iconic Murcielago, its older design and technology simply cannot compare to the sharp edges and corners of the Aventador to the average eye. Everything about the Aventador screams, “Look at me,” and while the Murcielago is a stunning looking car that’s crazier than most, the Aventador, whether it’s an S, SVJ or any other, is a completely different level.

Both of these modern classics are amazing cars that will one day be in museums all over the world, as they are packed with the things that make them amazing but also flawed in some ways, just like every car. On the Aventador side, it’s clearly the more drivable car of the two if you really want to take either car out every day, and it’s arguably the cooler super sports car, with its unruly design and insane track record.

However, the Murcielago is a legendary V12 that screams as good as any in automotive history and is arguably the best driving car. All this brings out the truth in the end, that while the Aventador is an incredibly fun car, between the two, the Lamborghini Murcielago is the best car to drive, and the Aventador allows you to enjoy your sports car more often without the risk of damage.

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