Here’s how the BMW X3 M competition compares to its competitors

Since 1916, a German automobile manufacturer, BMW He would attract the wealthy, inspire enthusiasts, and refute the skeptics. Whether you’re looking for comfort and luxury, or style and performance, BMW has a model that can tick the boxes. With each new model released, it becomes more and more clear that BMW makes a driver’s car. No, this is not just a car you drive. It’s a car that listens and adapts to what you need from it. For years, BMW has left drivers in control.

Leading the established competition as the most driver-inspiring car to date, the BMW X3 M is a “sports activity vehicle on steroids”, and rightly so, this 4,600-pound SUV has the M5’s handling and agility. Oh, and on top of the larger infotainment screens and eye-catching wheels, the word “Competition” also comes in with an extra 30 horsepower.

Surprisingly, the BMW X3 M Competition is not the only SUV on the market. Alfa Romeo, Porche, Mercedes, and even Tesla have some very similar models, so how does the BMW X3M competition compare? And most importantly, how do you excel?

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The X3 M competition is defined by “the ultimate driving pleasure”

Between drivability, comfort and style, BMW has never been lacking and this competition X3 M is no different. With its 21-inch wheels, bold front end, and strong body lines, you’re sure to notice some staring at your child’s school pickup line. However, its exterior isn’t the only jaw-dropping part of this car. The inside is spacious enough for your kids and their friends, and filled with the latest features and big screens to keep everyone happy.

The X3 M Competition includes driver assistance features that include customizable driving modes with an in-depth range of options to fine-tune your ultimate driving experience. Despite this, some of these options make this family SUV capable of drifting at a 45-degree angle. “Just a pleasure to drive” is a perfectly appropriate slogan for BMW.

While competitors such as the Mercedes-Benz GLC 63 AMG and Tesla Model Y have different driving modes, none can be quite as modified as the BMW X3 M Competition.

The Great Debate: Gas vs. Electricity

There really is nothing like the chest-shaking roar of a beefy gas engine. Then again, nothing beats the instant speed of an electric car. The Tesla Model Y features an unbeatable amount of instant direct deposit torque, without a buffer, of its kind. While the BMW X3 M Competition offers a twin-turbo 3.0-liter V6 that produces an impressive 553 lb-ft of torque and 503 hp. While its performance is less impressive compared to its electric counterpart, the experience is still quite unique.

Other than their carbon footprint, the biggest difference between gas and electric vehicles is their weight. Nobody likes to talk about it, but there’s no body shaming here. The Tesla Model Y is 500 pounds lighter than the X3 M Competition, which makes its power more efficient, coupled with the fact that it’s also instant.

It’s pretty clear that the future is turning to electric power, but BMW is well on its way to ending this era of fuel injection with a bang.

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Is the price of a BMW X3 M performance worth it?

With a price tag of around $100,000, the X3 M Competition isn’t as cheap as some of its competitors. The Mercedes GLC 63 AMG costs around $75,000, and its twin-turbo V8 outperforms the X3 M Competition with its powerful 516 lb-ft of torque, while the X3 M Competition has just 442 lb-ft of torque.

Both four-wheel drive SUVs make a statement at first glance, but with the Tesla Model Y Performance coming in at just $63,000, is the BMW X3 M competition worth four Kia Souls? In short, yes (although it will depend on your preference). With the M5 powertrain, the twin-turbocharged six-cylinder engine specifically designed for the M X3 series, and customizable driving modes, the BMW X3 M Competition combines plenty of performance, drivability and fun in a stylish package. The BMW X3 M Competition is right in the middle of its competitors in terms of price, and is well worth its performance.

Since they used their slogan “Absolute Driving Pleasure” in the 1930’s, BMW has made huge strides to innovate the automotive industry. They have allowed luxury and performance to go hand in hand with affordability. While the BMW X3 M Competition isn’t exactly a type of fast vehicle, it’s a great machine for the highly motivated driver.

No matter which way you look at it, each of these insanely built family SUVs excel in one class or another. In the same way, each of them has its drawbacks. Just like any other comparison, deciding which is the best will always be a matter of opinion and personal preference. But if you’re a BMW fan, the X3 M Competition will by no means leave you disappointed. In fact, it may leave you breathless.

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