Here’s a 1967 Austin Healey Sprite Mark IV Cost Today

The Austin-Healey Company was relatively short-lived, but since production ceased, they’ve built an cult following among fans of classic British and other vintage sports cars. The company was founded in 1952 and marked the beginning of a partnership between the British Automobile Company and the Donald Healey Motor Company. Austin Healey ended in 1972 as a result of the expiration of the original agreement established by BMC and Healey.

By the late 1950s, the company found it necessary to produce more budget-friendly options for its lineup. From this realization, the Austin Healey Sprite was born in 1958 and continued on the market until the early 1970s, although the final model was only a British car. The Sprite has been a bestseller from the start and the company has continued to improve the car over generations, which are referred to as the tags.

The final mark for the Austin Healy Sprite was the number four. Technically started in 1966 and finished in 69. Among Mark IV cars, the 1967 model is often called the favourite. That’s because, by this time in the history of the Spite, Austin Healey had figured out how to make this vehicle more modern and convenient without making it more expensive for its target audience.

With so many people looking for that classic two-seater, here’s how much a 1967 Austin Healey Sprite Mark IV would cost today.

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General Specifications for the 1967 Austin Healey Sprite Mark IV

The Austin Healey Sprite is a budget-conscious sports car, which means buyers didn’t necessarily expect it to be fast, and it wasn’t meant to be. The 1967 model is no exception. It is powered by a 1.3 liter V8 engine that produces a maximum power of 64 horsepower at 5800 rpm. This car has 72 lb-ft of torque at 3000 rpm.

The 1967 Austin Healey Sprite is a rear-wheel drive vehicle, and has a 4-speed manual gearbox, according to In terms of speed, this car can accelerate from 0 to 60 in 12.2 seconds. It can cover the quarter mile in 18.9 seconds. This is slightly faster than previous Sprite models. It has a top speed of 94 miles per hour, according to

Even this Sprite successor model from Austin-Healey isn’t by far the fastest roadster in recent memory, or not very modern. However, this is indicative of the sophistication of this budget car, and it also makes a great car for all drivers. Perhaps this was one of the reasons the puck was such a big seller.

How the 1967 Austin Healey Sprite Mark IV Model Died From Previous Editions

By the time the fourth generation Austin Healey Sprites came to market, there were some big changes that had been made for convenience and complicity. For example, they started a few years ago, adding exterior door handles, glass windows and an improved suspension system.

Now, with Mark 4 models, the convertible’s top is attached to the car’s frame. This provided a sturdier look to the car, as the previous look looked a bit amateurish. The company also added reverse lights, as well as a new hydraulic brake system. While these changes weren’t necessarily significant, they did help usher the car into the modern era.

It should be noted that the Mark IV Austin-Healey Sprites were the last generation of this small car. According to MotorTrend, it was sold as the MG Midget from 1972 until 1980.

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1967 Austin Healey Sprite Mark IV Price Today

The Austin Healey Sprite was designed to be a budget-friendly horse because most of the company’s current options were out of many people’s price ranges. This allowed more buyers to experience the Austin Healey, and it also led to it being one of their most successful cars.

Upon release, the 1967 Austin Healey Sprite Mark IV was priced just under $2,000. This made it a little more expensive than previous models, but the price was in line with the market, so it didn’t stop people from buying it.

Now, this small Austin Healey is still a great value in the used car market. Of course, it’s not worth millions like some of its contemporaries, but its current market value still shows how beloved and desired this ride is. According to NADA Guides, you can find this vehicle for as low as $6,425 and upwards of $24,000. These are average prices, which means buyers may find some options at a much lower price, or if they want, there are some 1967 Sprites that may cost more than the $24,200 price tag for one in perfect condition.

It should be borne in mind that these cars are often restored, which accounts for high price tags. Besides this, people simply love this classic car. It’s sporty, it might not be the fastest, but it does add a great deal of character to the road.

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