Helps senior traffic managers downsize and transition

Downsizing and moving to a new home is a big task for anyone, but it can be especially stressful for seniors moving from a long residence filled with a decade of things and lifelong memories. Fortunately, there is a specialized service available today that can help make the mobility of seniors a lot easier.

Senior Transportation Manager

Seniors who need help packing and moving to a new home should consider hiring a Senior Moving Manager. These are trained organizers (not mobile operators) who help seniors with the challenges of relocation and can reduce the stress of this major relocation by doing most of the work for you.

A great transportation manager can help reduce belongings, decide what to take and what to throw away, recommend charities for donations and help sell unwanted items. They can also create a custom floor plan for a new home so you can visualize the right placement for your property.

Senior moving managers can also get estimates from moving companies, supervise movers, arrange a moving date, supervise packing and unpacking, help set up her new home, clean the house and anything she needs related to her moving.

If you want to do some work yourself, you can pick and choose only the services you want. For example, you might just want to help the moving manager downsize and sell excess furniture and unwanted possessions, but plan to do the actual packing and moving yourself.

The cost of working with a senior moving manager will vary depending on where you live, the services you want and the size of the move, but you can expect to pay between $60 and $125 an hour or more, not including the cost of movers.

How do you find one

To locate a Senior Transportation Manager in your area, visit the National Association of Senior Transportation Managers website at Or call 877-606-2766. NASMM is a trade association with an accreditation program that requires its members to adhere to strict ethical codes that ensure integrity. They currently have about 1,000 members across the United States

You can also search Caring Transitions, which is the largest moving and moving service franchise in the United States. It currently has nearly 200 franchises across the country.

But, before hiring one, be sure to ask for and verify references from previous clients, and check with the Better Business Bureau as well. Also find out how many transactions they have already managed and get a written list of services and fees. And make sure they are insured and bonded.

If you can’t find a great relocation manager in your area, another option is to hire a professional certified organizer who specializes in downsizing and relocation. To find one, check out the National Association of Productivity and Regulatory Professionals, which has a searchable database on its website at ISI

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