‘Haters and trolls around, little cockroach’: Keri Irving goes live as he grows up his car with a special message for the haters

Curling guard Kyrie Irving blows up his haters, live on social media, and blasts music while he’s driving.

The controversy’s favorite kid, Kyrie Irving, is back in the headlines after the Nets’ embarrassing exit from the playoffs at the hands of his former team, the Celtics. The 2021-22 season had Irving making more noise off the field than he would in a day, thanks to his anti-vaccination stance.

Although the previous hero’s erratic behavior isn’t unusual, he took a few notches this time. Irving has completely refused to abide by New York City’s COVID vaccination mandate, which has cost him to sit for most of the season. Uncle Drew became the main topic of television, podcast, and radio discussions.

Fortunately for Irving, the mandate had its drawbacks, allowing him to return after missing most of the season. He was a seven-time All-Star who had famous fans, media, and TV analysts watching over him every night. However, Irving refused to pay any attention to any of them.

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The Nets ranger recently went live on social media, visibly enjoying his ride as he was sending a special message to his haters.

“You can’t get angry because I live a good life.” Keri Irving.

It wouldn’t be hard to disagree with people who think Irving sounds a little weird. The former ROTY has been known to make statements that seem strange and irrelevant. Whether his theory of the Earth is flat or he calls himself a generational leader.

It’s no secret that Irving doesn’t play well with others, his time in Boston being the prime example of this. However, the former CAFs player rejects the change, accusing his naysayers of commenting on his personal ideologies and opinions.

With the off-season setup early, courtesy of the Celtics, Irving had several interactions of late, most recently calling out his haters while zooming in on his car.

“You can’t get mad because I live a good life. Haters and trolls around, little cockroach. Real talk, they don’t like it when you do it but it’s all good. Should we give them that energy? Ask Irving.”

“Shout out to all my brothers and sisters here, this is making revolutionary changes not only in their lives but in our communities. Shout out to the OGs in my life.”

Well, it was definitely a rare sight to see Irving in such a mood. On the professional front, Irving has an off-season player option, but is hoping to sign a long-term deal with Joe Tsai’s franchise.

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