Guards integration enables fast enrollment from Fiat to EGLD

Regulated and Regulated Guardarian has incorporated original EGLD compliance into its offerings. The fintech company is known for providing fast digital currency conversion solutions using over thirty fiat currencies and various payment options, including VISA and Mastercard transactions and many bank transfer alternatives.

Guardarian, a popular trustless digital asset wallet that provides support for more than 50 blockchain networks, was introduced in 2017. To give consumers instant access to EGLD, it recently integrated the Elrond Network and is therefore available across all platforms (browser extensions), mobile apps and desktop apps the desk).

The Elrond ecosystem benefits from interaction with Guardarian as it increases the number of users who can purchase EGLD via different products, such as the swap platform and the fiat on/off ramp portal.

Elrond’s connection to Guardarian provides another practical and adaptable way to purchase EGLD directly using a fiat order in a non-custodial manner, amplifying their previous attempts to expand their reach into startups.

About Elrond

Elrond is an all-new blockchain framework built from the ground up to boost flow and speed of execution by a factor of a thousand. The revolutionary adaptive state sharing technology and the secure Proof of Stake (PoS) method, which enables linear scaling using a fast, efficient and secure consensus protocol, were introduced by Elrond as the two primary inventions that help make this happen. To support the availability of the permissionless and borderless Internet economy, Elrond can perform up to 15,000 transactions every second, with a delay of six seconds and at minimal cost.

About Guardian

Guardarian is a cryptocurrency exchanger that enables fast currency exchange without the need to create an account. They offer more than 250 cryptocurrencies for exchange, along with more than thirty fiat pairs. It provides regular customers with the ability to transfer funds, but also enables a range of crypto-to-crypto solutions for B2B companies. Their primary offerings include bitcoin cards and gateway/widget integration.

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