Gregory Phillips Architects creates a new contemporary home

Take a tour of this upscale contemporary house of brick, wood and glass

Gregory Phillips Architects combines a limited palette of materials to create a modern and upscale home in North London
Set in a conservation area in North London, this tall, low-rise contemporary home by Gregory Phillips Architects combines a palette of realistic and practical materials with generous spaces and amenities. The new home has replaced a bungalow on the site and has a close relationship to the existing garden.

Gregory Phillips’ design reflects the traditional pairing of timber and brick by giving the house a lightweight timber and wood flooring and a more massive solid brick loft.

From the garden front, the effect is a brick pavilion rising above the foliage, where the family room and living room provide views through the entire building.

The ground floor houses the main living spaces, including an open plan kitchen and dining area, formal and informal sitting areas, a separate study, cinema, gym, and utility rooms, as well as a two-car garage, all integrated within the main building. house size.

The different textures and patterns of the bricks modulate the play of light off the walls, particularly in the main entrance courtyard, relegating it to the ground floor living space.

Throughout this level, storage and doors are blended into a continuous series of dark wood cabinets, including the kitchen and study space. The large marble countertop and fabric-trimmed wall add a touch of variety of materials.

The main view of the garden is from the formal sitting room, a double-height space that adjoins the stairwell. Extensive glass panels rise to the full height of the structure, seeming to frame and support a massive slab of brick.

The combination of high-performance glazing and thick insulation ensures the home is highly energy-efficient.

Upstairs, three identical en suite bathrooms are located above the living space, overlooking the garden. The basic bedroom suite, which includes a large dressing room, occupies the garden wing, cantilevering over the glazed living room.

There is also a separate guest suite.

Phillips established his studio in 1991. Headquartered in London, the award-winning office specializes in high-end residential businesses and has built extensively in London and the surrounding countryside.

Totteridge House continues this tradition, resulting in a fine example of execution for contemporary modern living. §

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