Grand Theft Auto Characters That Should Be Back in GTA 6

Few games have been eagerly awaited for a long time Grand Theft Auto 6. When Rockstar released Grand Theft Auto 5 In 2013, she wowed players with her intricate depiction of Los Santos and the level of freedom that its vast world offers. Although the game provides endless hours of fun, it has been many years since its release, which only heightened anticipation for the next entry in the series. Fortunately, in 2022, Rockstar finally confirmed that the company is working hard the next GT The game, which is supposed to bear the title GTA 6.

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already several GTA 6 Rumors spread, and players began to express what they wanted to see in the game. With the game, Rockstar will have the opportunity to introduce new characters to GT cast, as well as letting some fan favorites come back. If Rockstar chooses to allow some of the former characters to reappear, there are more than two good options the company could make.

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Franklin Clinton

There are many reasons for GTA 5success. Part of it can be attributed to the way it has created and introduced new gameplay mechanics for players to enjoy. For the first time in the series, GTA 5 It allowed players to choose between three diverse but equally captivating heroes. The three protagonists are Trevor Phillips who is a psychotic, Michael De Santa who is a robbery expert who chases the American Dream, and Franklin Clinton who has grown into an unexpected fan favorite. At the beginning of the game, Franklin lives in a hood where he engages in gang activity, although he wants more for himself. His ambition makes him cross paths with Michael, who promises Franklin to get out of his young life.

Many players find themselves drawn to Franklin, as he fits so closely into the typical mold of GT The protagonist who seeks to go from rags to riches. On top of that, he’s smart and funny, and while he engages in crimes just as much as the other heroes, he seems to be the only person with a real sense of morality, loyalty, and consideration for others. In many ways, Franklin can be said to be the main protagonist, as GTA 5The final story mission depends on Franklin’s choice.

It also seems that Rockstar knows what a charismatic Franklin character is, as they’ve given him a little extra light lately. at GTA: OnlineIn the “Decade” DLC, Franklin appears as a millionaire and family man who is the co-founder of a celebrity solutions agency called F. Clinton and Partner. The DLC confirms that Franklin achieves the happy ending he so desperately desired and that he was able to leave his life of petty crime behind.

Franklin’s appearance in GTA 6 It will delight players, as well as allow its story to be further fleshed out. if GTA 6 Located outside of Los Santos, it could provide a chance to learn about the ways Franklin is expanding his empire across the United States or perhaps he will have to start his life anew somewhere else after getting into a lot of trouble back home.

Laszlo Jones

inside GTGreat cast, only a few characters are lucky enough to become recurring members. Among that elite group, radio presenter Lazlow Jones has had the honor of appearing in the most GT games. He appears first in GTA 3 He works as a presenter at Chatterbox FM. As the series progresses, Lazlow appears on other radio stations, including V-Rock in GTA: Vice City and West Coast Talk Radio in GTA San AndreasOver the years, he seems to be getting more nervous and perverted.

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Lazlow Jones was written and voiced by an American radio personality of the same name, and co-written for many radio stations located in GT games. With his larger-than-life personality, and the way his depressing decline can be traced, Laszlo has become an integral part of GT a series. return in GTA 6 It will be a source of intimacy for players, reminding them that although many years have passed and many changes have taken place, the core aspects of the series will remain the same.


Perhaps one of the most mysterious characters in GT Claude series. was introduced in GTA 3 As he escapes prison while being taken to prison, he is easily recognizable by his green pants and black jacket which instantly chronicles him as a bad boy in the early 2000s. Not much is known about Claude, as he is a silent hero, but it is clear that he can hold a grudge for a long time, capable of some gruesome deeds if it helps him achieve his goals.

Claude also appears in GTA San Andreas Where players can take it in a race, while Claude cannot be seen in it GTA 4Niko can wear his special costume. GTA 6 It could be a chance for Claude to come back, letting players know what happened to the character. Claude’s return will be a perfect throwback to longtime fans of the series who are happy to see that the keystone character hasn’t been lost in time. If Rockstar is bold enough, they can finally unmute and allow him to explain his silence, and players can see if Claude, as CJ described him, is a “tongueless snake” or whether he has willingly chosen not to speak on behalf of some cause. Nabil.

With a streak that lasted for a long time GTThere are many characters that Rockstar can choose from. For example, if the rumors are true, and GTA 6 Set in Vice City, the return of Tommy Vercetti would be an obvious choice. Whatever Rockstar’s choice, GTA 6It should be the knockout special cast, as players have been eagerly waiting for years, and GTA 5 Set very high expectations.

next one grand theft auto The title is currently under development.

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