Grand Cherokee 4xe, 800V Tesla Cybertruck, Lexus RZ, Kia, VW electric pickups review: The Week in Reverse

Which electric car revealed this week looks exactly like the petrol version?

What brand wants you to buy the car and subscribe to the battery pack?

Here’s our look at the reverse week – here at Green Car Reports – for the week ending April 22, 2022.

In our first test of the 2022 Jeep Grand Cherokee 4xe, we found this plug-in hybrid to deliver a premium driving experience in line with the premium sticker price — including nearly 25 all-electric EPA miles. Although we’re not clear about the value of a hybrid system for off-road driving or towing.

2022 Jeep Grand Cherokee 4xe

Following Kia’s confirmation of its EV9 electric sports utility vehicle for the United States, the company said green car reports That a Kia electric pickup being developed for global markets would be a premium car if introduced in America, not an entry-level model.

Full details of the Mercedes-Benz EQS SUV 2023 were released this week. With air suspension, a full Hyperscreen front end, and the same wheelbase as the Mercedes EQS hatchback, the EQS SUV has a lot in common with its in-car counterpart — yet it’s 7.8 inches longer, features rear-steering, and has three rows of seats.

2023 Mercedes-Benz EQS SUV2023 Mercedes-Benz EQS SUV

Lexus has revealed its first dedicated electric car, the RZ 450e. Offering around 225 miles of range and all-wheel drive — with a more exciting driving experience than the related Toyota BZ4X and Subaru Soltera — the RZ is set to arrive at US dealerships later this year.

The luxury electric BMW i7 2023 was revealed this week, with a host of specs and details. Despite being a flagship model for BMW, it shares its traditional long-hood architecture and shape with petrol hybrid models – and if you take a peek at the Lucid Air, you might not choose at first sight that it’s all-electric.

2023 BMW i72023 BMW i7

We’ve approached a Lincoln EV concept called Star, which previews one of the luxury Ford brand’s three all-electric models by 2025, with a fourth to follow in 2026. With no interior for the concept, the Lincoln EV is a far cry—and didn’t color what It happened with Lincoln EVs that were supposed to arrive before that time.

Lincoln Star ConceptLincoln Star Concept

The Audi Urban Sphere is a futuristic and comfortable concept, built for major Chinese cities, with an interior lounge, seating for up to six, and assuming the future will include independent driving modes.

Returning to the current line-up, Audi has also confirmed details of the 2023 E-Tron GT and E-Tron SUV model year. The two electric car families are moving into 2023 with only a few changes in features and appearance. Meanwhile, the Q4 E-Tron and Sportback compact SUVs are scheduled to be delivered in the US this summer.

Finfast VF 9Finfast VF 9

Vietnamese company Vinfast released updated pricing information for both the upcoming VF 9 and VF 9 electric cars at the New York Auto Show recently, including new details about its battery subscription program, which will be a first in the US — and sort of resembles smartphone service packages that We all used it for commuting.

Hyundai has confirmed that it will build two electric vehicles in Alabama starting later this year. Santa Fe Hybrid production will begin in October 2022, with the Genesis Electrified GV70 to follow in December.

Tesla Semi (Courtesy of Tesla, Inc.)Tesla Semi (Courtesy of Tesla, Inc.)

In a Tesla quarterly update, CEO Elon Musk and CTO Drew Baglino explained why you might see a switch to an 800V architecture in the Cybertruck and Semi, but not in the upcoming Model Y, Model 3 or Robotaxi. They argued that the benefits were not large enough unless it was a large vehicle with a large production volume.

Leased Tesla cars can no longer be purchased at the end of the lease. With the sudden rise in the prices of used electric cars and skyrocketing increases in new Teslas vehicles over the past year, it wiped out a potential EV deal at a time when values ​​have skyrocketed.

Planned improvements to the Volkswagen MEB platform from UBS Paris Electric Car Day, April 2022Planned improvements to the Volkswagen MEB platform from UBS Paris Electric Car Day, April 2022

Volkswagen plans to release an enhanced version of its mass-market MEB electric vehicle platform that supports ID.4 and the upcoming ID.Buzz electric truck, among others. With faster charging, faster acceleration and greater range, it could result in millions of more competitive SUVs. Volkswagen is also actively considering getting an electric pickup for the US market, its US CEO recently confirmed – adding that it could be a “reset moment” for the brand and “the opportunity of a lifetime.”

In California, the US Department of Energy has partnered with state entities, auto manufacturers and other interests to catalyze the integration of two-way charging for electric vehicles. The collaboration aims to accelerate the use of V2X technology and could shape future infrastructure plans.

2023 Nissan Leaf2023 Nissan Leaf

Led by the Nissan Leaf, prices for hybrids and used electric vehicles have risen in recent months, according to a new list/ask price analysis — with the average price of hybrids up more than 40% and electric vehicles more than 35%.


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