Gran Turismo 7: 10 fastest new cars, ranked

grand tour The video game franchise has always had a particular focus on very fast cars, mostly as a way to get players to excel at driving skills. As they rose through the ranks, they also had access to the fastest vehicles on the list, many of which are built on the same real-world vehicles.

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with input Grand Touring 7, This trend continued, although many of the fastest cars in this version were designed specifically for the game. However, players who want to soar the tracks at high speeds should set their sights on a specific group of cars that redefine the meaning of the word “speed”.

10 Jaguar VGT Coupe

Jaguar VGT from Gran Turismo 7

grand tour Widely considered one of the best racing games for the original PlayStation, building a solid car lineage that will last until the last release. This is especially evident with the Jaguar VGT Coupe. While it lacks the sheer visual beauty and horsepower of the Jaguar VGT SV, the coupe is no less impressive for what it brings to the table. It barely crosses the 1,000 horsepower mark, which puts it in the top tier of supercars.
This model car grabs the road with a four-wheel drive, weighs about 1,400 kg, and is surprisingly light. Even more impressive is the horsepower it was able to produce from the EV motor, helping to improve electrical technology while lowering cost.

9 Jaguar VGT Roadster

Jaguar Roadster Gran Turismo 7

Concept cars eschew sheer wow factor practicality and technological advances, and the Jag VG Roadster is no different. One of the strangest Jaguar cars in the company’s history, it’s more like a space capsule than an actual supercar.
However, it does produce 1,004 horsepower on the track from an all-wheel drive system, which is no slouch. It is able to mimic a quick bullet, especially at a straight stretch, although handling corners requires some patience and practice.

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8 SRT Tomahawk S VGT

Tomahawk VGT from Gran Turismo 7

This car features some of the most aggressive designs among the fastest cars in the world Grand Touring 7, And every detail will serve a function on the track. With 1,006 horses ready, there will be no slouch on the track either. Even more surprising is the car’s 921 kg weight, which is just over 2,000 lbs.
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It’s a combination that equals top speed on the track, with very little car weight. However, players must be careful when going around corners, as the low mass means very little to keep them anchored in the asphalt.

7 Ferrari FXX K ’14

Ferrari FXX K by Gran Turismo 7

Ferraris have always fascinated car enthusiasts, especially those who love to watch movies about motorsports. This stunning Ferrari blends elements from several previous models to create one of the most balanced cars ever designed by the company. It’s absolutely stunning in traditional Ferrari red, with a pair of Batman-style ears on the back quarter.
This car pumps out 1,034 horsepower from the MR engine, and it’s definitely there for Ferrari. Unfortunately, the price was inflated at 3.6 million credit, which is typical of what people can expect from Ferrari’s somewhat arrogant attitude. With that, there is no denying the beauty.

6 Porsche VGT

Porsche VGT Gran Turismo 7

This high-speed electric car looks very different from the old Porsche racers, with curves and abstract lines written “Concept” throughout. It shows, with distinctive design details such as the lack of traditional doors in favor of a rooftop canopy system.
On the track, the VGT gets 1,098 hp from all-wheel drive, which means maximum stability. The car is heavier than some of the others in the lineup, but that can be used to the player’s advantage when it comes to getting around S-turns.

5 McLaren VGT

McLaren VGT Gran Turismo 7

McLaren’s supercar racing pedigree is well known, enhanced with the incredible F1, and later the famous P1. With 1,134 horsepower under the hood, this is a step down from the most powerful cars in the world Grand Touring 7 Lineup, but it’s more than enough to win races.
The car’s distinctive bold design is fresh and screams for a day on the track. With its stunning curves and sleek lines, it’s sure to look great in screenshots as if it’s outdone its racing rivals. It certainly deserves a place on our list of the coolest cars in Ranker video games.

4 Dodge SRT Tomahawk GTS-R VGT

Tomahawk GTS-R from Gran Turismo 7

You may share the same name as the fastest car in Grand Touring 7, But this Tomahawk is very different in terms of design and horsepower. It closely resembles a traditional racetrack supercar from its glory days, with just a hint of contemporary design cues thrown in.
The Tomahawk produces a powerful 1,449 horsepower engine with all-wheel drive, making it an incredibly fast car. Its low profile and wide body hug the road, while its 100kg/m torque grips the asphalt firmly and enthusiastically.

3 Bugatti VGT

Bugatti VGT from Gran Turismo 7

Bugatti has made a name for itself as one of the world’s leading supercar brands, thanks to winners such as the stunning new Veyron, Divo and Chiron. VGT is a file grand tour– The only car that takes its design cues from the Chiron, while mixing in some futuristic design concepts.
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On the track, this brutal car puts in 1,626 horsepower, which is a relatively standard problem for Bugatti. For others, it’s a nightmare competitor who can win races at the hands of a skilled driver.

2 Jaguar VGT SV

Jaguar VGT from Gran Turismo 7

It won’t be able to catch up with the fastest vehicle in the game, but the Jaguar VGT SV is nothing to laugh about. This sleek, aerodynamic sci-fi car produces 1,876 horsepower, and is priced at a million credits. This is a reasonable price for many cars.
The downside to the VGT SV is its impressive track performance, but some extra body weight gives it something like a center of gravity. The car represents bragging rights on four very large wheels, which is sure to turn heads Grand Touring 7 Pictures, as well as on track.

1 Dodge SRT Tomahawk X VGT

Tomahawk X from Gran Turismo 7

The Dodge SRT Tomahawk X VGT is light on wheels, producing 2,586 face-melting horsepower from its 7000cc engine.
In fact, the car is very fast Top Gear Vijay Patni claimed that it would test the limits of human physiology. Higher speeds are one thing, however. Players will need to familiarize themselves with how this vehicle works before they can successfully utilize this monster.
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