Goodbye Volvo XC90. “The safest SUV in the world” bears the Impla name.

Recently, there have been many rumors that Volvo will modify the naming of its products. It is known that Volvo hopes to change the previous tradition of naming with English letters and numbers for its upcoming electric vehicles. Based on this news, the new Volvo XC90 will become the first model to be renamed. Håkan Samuelsson, CEO of Volvo, said the model names left over from electric cars in the XC90 would begin with vowels. Volvo also claims that this will be the safest SUV in the world.

After receiving this news, many people hope to find some clues. It is reported that Volvo applied for the Embla name in October. According to the previous plan, the new Volvo XC90 EV will be launched in 2022 and will be produced at the Ridgeville, South Carolina plant. The car will be the first SUV model built on the new EV platform. It is worth noting that Embla is also the first woman in Norse mythology.

Recharge the Volvo Concept

Volvo launched the Concept Recharge in the summer. Production models are also expected to offer optional third-row seating as seven-seat models as this concept only has four separate seats. This is a distinctive feature of Embla and Polestar 3, which will be built on the same technology. Previously, Polestar 2 was manufactured in a joint plant of Polestar and Volvo in Taizhou, Zhejiang Province, China.

According to the data, Volvo sold 166,300 cars in the Chinese mainland market in 2020, an increase of 7.6% over the same period last year, and was the highest single-market sales volume of the global Volvo market ever. In early 2017, Volvo rolled out a comprehensive electrification strategy. According to this strategy, all newly launched models will be equipped with electric power from 2019. Meanwhile, Volvo also promised to deliver 1 million new energy vehicles by 2025, and electric cars will make up 50% of its total sales in 2025.

Volvo is wholly owned by the Geely Group which is one of the most ambitious Chinese automakers. Directed by Li Shufu, owner of the giant Volvo car that acquired Volvo ten years ago and Lotus this year, creating two hybrid and electric car brands Polestar and Link Al-Hubeish & Co. focused on Western markets.

Not to forget their other two brands, Geometry and Zeekr (which means “Geek” in Chinese), are slowly preparing for European expansion. Li Shufu also earlier announced his desire to launch low-orbit satellites to navigate their autonomous vehicles. Moreover, Geely revealed that it will manufacture electric cars for other brands and will partner with Foxconn and Baidu.

Volvo’s electric conversion is based on cooperation with Geely. Earlier this year, Geely and Volvo jointly announced that they will cooperate in automatic driving and other fields, share technology, and launch joint development of the next generation of electric vehicles. Geely will share these technical achievements with the other brands of the group to maximize the benefits. It remains to be seen if this will help Volvo quickly achieve the goal of electrification in 2030 in collaboration with Geely.

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