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CASADAGA – Michelle Helmer scored a 42nd goal to top the Women’s Evening League Wednesday at Cassadaga Country Club.

Susan Wells had the fewest hits with 11.

Closest to the pin was Pat Kaos, Julie Falk and Donna Frost had a chip, Mary Bartkowski was ninth and Falk was eighth.

Michelle Helmer 42, Julie Falk 45, Marie Bartkowski 46, Jan Winterstein 47, Linda Rose 47.


WESTFIELD – Eric Fermier hit a total of 36 to lead the Thursday Night Men’s Tournament at Pinehurst Golf Club.

There was a six-way tie for the highest net score of 32 between Shannon Davis, Frank Gelsimino, David Grayson, Bill Thompson, Crowe Beers and Rob Geese.

Closest to the pin was John Coe Jr. in fourth and Dennis Sweetman in seventh.

Total: Eric Fermier 36, Nolan Swanson 37, Scott Jagoda 37, August Viele 38, Jay Beers 38, Lenny Truby 39, Gary Arnold 39, Lyndy Smith 39, Jon Coe 39, Brandon Johnston 39, Nate Thompson 40.

Grid:: Shannon Davis 32, Frank Gelsimino 32, David Grayson 32, Bill Thompson 32, Crowe Bears 32, Rob Geese 32, Jerry Rogers 33, Jeff Gaines 33, Bob Hunt 33, Dennis Sweetman 33, Ryan Robson 33, Chris Barrett 34 .

– – –

Warren, Pennsylvania – Skeetie Williams, Matt Johnson, Rob Ritchie, Rod Corbar, Joe Saber and Gary Freeborough scored a total of 31 to lead Flight A, while Mark Silvis and Jeff McMilment also scored a total of 31 to lead Flight B in the Monday night league at Jackson Valley Golf Course.

Tom Smulder, Rick Giannini, Randy Carlson and Kehm Carlson scored the low nets in A Flight with 31, and Dennis Scotty and Clayton Waddington scored the low nets in Flight B.

– – –

LACKWOOD – Marcia Derby topped 39 aggregate scorers and Rosalie Zangi and Lauren Johnson scored 28 net-scores in the Mulligan Mama League at Maplehurst Country Club.

Total: Mary Green 43, Kathy Steadman 43, Patti Weeks 46, Fran Carlson 46, Brenda Tarana 46.

NET: Ruth Chris 29, Stephanie Tanner 30, Sheryl Mason 30, Theresa Jackson 31, Lisa Frederick 31.

– – –

WARREN, Pennsylvania — Williams Johnson shot 28 for low honors in A Flight, while Aldrich-Burford and Moyer Sr.-Henry earned 33 for low honors in Flight B in the Monday night league at Jackson Valley Golf Course.

Smulder/Giannini scored 30 nets in Flight A and Scotty-Waddington and Mangaard Lewis scored 32 nets in Flight B.

– – –

RUSSELL, Pennsylvania – Lauren Diggs posted a low total (47) and low netting (33) in the women’s early division Wednesday.

In the late section, Linda Ostrom had a low total with 35 and Julie Brown’s 43 shot to shoot the low net.

Early division order is Danelle Sowers-Jill Dart, 169.5; Blanche Swane-Shirley Pearson, 153.5; Sue Wilson-Sue Ferranto, 150.5.

The late league standings is Julie Brown-Kathy Bradshaw, 152.5; Linda Devory; Linda Ostrom, 150; Cindy Polmer Marie Mackie, 144.5.

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