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The Maverik gas station will soon be completed at the western end of Wilson Gulch Road, and other companies will likely fall over the dirt nearby in the not-too-distant future. (line of action)

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Dear Action Line: How does one know what businesses are coming to the Three Springs/Bridge to Nowhere area? I see a gas station but what else is planned? Thanks. the best for you. – Wendy

Dear Wendy: Better you too. You’re trying to use sugar to get your question to the top of the Action Line, right? Well, you succeeded. Besides, Action Line is also curious. What’s up in Three Springs? How about a rumored grocery store?

The answer to your first question is that you can ask Action Line, which will then use anything from sugar to strong armament to see what’s really going on. That’s how this thing works, it’s beautiful.

Yes, there will be a gas station on the north side of the roundabout at the west end of Wilson Gulch Road, and it will be Maverick. This is a renegade without a “c”, what kind of weakness on the whole concept of a renegade, right? Like, we’re such a renegade, we spell it ‘the renegade’. Well my goodness, step aside.

There was supposed to be a cafĂ© attached to this defector, but those plans have been scrapped for the time being. Maverick stations are becoming ubiquitous in western states, so get used to them if you haven’t already.

Other than that, Scott Shane, assistant director of community development for the City of Durango, said, “We’ve had many inquiries about real estate in that area, but we don’t have any official submissions yet.”

He said there have been inquiries recently from a farm supply store, moving/storage company, car dealership, hotel, living facility, and major apartment developer.

“Again, none of these have been submitted for actual review, so they are far from certain of things yet,” Shane said.

Not too far from Wilson Gulch Road, and just south of the Morehart Murphy Subaru dealership, plans hatch for a new grocery store. La Plata County records show that the 4.5-acre plot is now owned by the Koinonia Properties of Ignacio, a subsidiary of Farmers Fresh Market, a grocery and deli in Ignacio.

Shine said the Fresh Farmers Market has won approval to build a 34,000-square-foot grocery, liquor and deli store on that lot.

There is no set timetable for laying the groundbreaking, said Amos Lee, General Manager of Fresh Farmers Market. They are waiting for funding and evaluation, and supply chain issues may put a wrench in the plans as well. But construction can begin in July.

So, get excited about all the residents of Three Springs who live in the nearly 700 residences there, but be patient.

“I think it’s a great site,” he told me. “The community out there really needs a good store.”

Dear Action Line: Have you ever found yourself lavished with everyday details? – Ennui Go

Dear Ennui: Finally, the question everyone wanted to ask but never dared. Rest assured that Action Line did not write this. The action line is not that creative, and he has no desire to blow Action Line’s own mind. Now look at what you’ve done: You have an Action Line that is constantly talking about Action Line in the first person.

So, to start, what does this question mean? What are everyday, or really subtle, details as used in the plural? Quotidian means that it happens every day. The finer details are minor details, like making sure the details are spelled correctly. Or that Maverick was spelled without a “c”, even though the spelling checker tries really hard to put one in there.

So, is the line of business making fun of everyday details? Does this have anything to do with standing on stilts? no?

Underestimation is to have a fading effect on enthusiasm or discretion. It’s more about taking over routine and challenging tasks like taking out the trash, raising and lowering shadows, flicking tulips (what, don’t you?), and deleting texts and emails (Maybe Action Line should have deleted this one.?) ), etc., and so on.

Hmmm. Is this a trick question? Does answering this become an example of being screwed over with everyday details? The line of action isn’t Freud or Piaget, but let’s face it: The recent pandemic has left us all devastated, often keeping us at home, and focusing more on everyday details than is of any use to us.

Let’s add to this question: How does one deal with the disintegration of everyday detail?

Stop what you’re doing. Immediately. Put your shoes on. Grab a bike, throw some water and a power bar in your bag, leash your dog. go out. Go do something! Action Line says: Take ACTION! There are plenty of walkways, paths, beautiful open spaces, and grand vistas to enjoy.

No one should be making fun of southwest Colorado. Especially through everyday details.

Email questions and suggestions to [email protected] or mail them to Action Line, The Durango Herald, 1275 Main Ave., Durango, CO 81301. The Mavericks aren’t hidden by everyday details, are they?

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