Gary Smith: Even if Musk was running the broker, opinions about aliens wouldn’t change

I’m about to commit one of the cardinal sins of writing a column. I’m about to admit, in print, to anyone interested in reading, that I don’t care about anything.

Yes I know. It is possible, and even preferable, for most people to live their lives without strong opinions on a whole range of topics. Those things they know nothing about, eg. I mean, it never stopped me, but maybe it should be.

Technically, we columnists are supposed to develop, nurture and transmit our various thoughts and meditations to the world on a regular basis. Then, of course, we either give it up completely or forget that we had it in the first place. We call that “growth.”

Having said all that, I’ll probably have to move things around and admit that I have no opinion on Elon Musk.

Now I doubt this would be particularly annoying for Elon Musk. I mean, unless, for some reason, he compiles lists of people who like him versus people who don’t like him versus people who don’t really care. This might be something very wealthy people do. I certainly do not know.

But I also don’t know why a very wealthy person who already has a lot – like driving electric cars to Mars or something (I may not be as clear about the overall goals of his various business ventures as I do. He should be) – might want to buy a social media platform Like Twitter. I also don’t understand why people buy bigger yachts from malls. Or why does the ‘yacht’ have the letter ‘c’ in it. Some things are just a puzzle.

However, it seems that Musk wants to buy Twitter and it seems that good people who can allow such things tend to sell it to him. I made a similar deal at a coffee shop this morning and was greeted with significantly less fanfare. But it was great for me.

The thing is, Musk is one of those people who generate reactions somewhat disproportionate to the actual effect. It may or may not be his fault, but it’s, well, a thing.

So everything he does will be loudly praised or condemned. At least until those who praise or condemn it move on to something else. Which is still a catch, because if there’s one thing more than some kind of cool car generates, it’s laudable/condemned acts.

It seems that Musk wants to buy Twitter in part because he wants to ensure that it exists (at least in his mind) as a “public arena” where people are free to express their opinions and then have a lot of uninformed and enthusiastic people. fun of them. Well, maybe I’ll add that last part on my own. This may not actually be what he had in mind.

And some people dispute that because, sort of, it’s hard to call something a “public” box when it’s owned by a private individual who is famous for their sometimes weird actions and opinions.

However, the thing about the “public square” is, yes, we had them. At least so I was told. People came out loudly proclaiming their opinions and the people listened. However, they got crowded and noisy and it seemed like you couldn’t find a parking lot for your horse, so people stopped going.

So my bet is that, for good or bad, if Musk drastically changes the way Twitter works, people will vote with their feet (or in this case, their thumbs) and stop using it. And even if he doesn’t, it’s likely that many people will stop using it because tastes change. Again, this “public square” thing. You stand out screaming your opinion in most public places these days and people don’t make eye contact and rush before calling the authorities.

What seems to be lost in all of this is that we are all responsible for our opinions, not the media, the medium, the Musk, or anyone else. Well, you can blame your parents, but this will only work for so long. We did our best, and if you think your clothes look good even though you left them littered, this is on you.

Do you want to believe that the Earth is flat, that aliens in space visit regularly and that a horse worm exterminator accomplishes anything besides getting rid of horses? Take your time. you can do it. You can’t blame Twitter or Musk.

I don’t have an opinion on Elon Musk because I don’t have to. Anything he owns won’t change that. Only I do that.

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