Fort Salem Season 3 Episode 1 “Homo Cantus”

After long waiting freeform‘s Mother: Fort Salem is back! Our trio has turned into a quintet with the addition of Scylla and Adil (sextet if you include Nicte Batan or Khalida) and they’re hiding out in the Midwest. Meanwhile, a high-ranking American official joined Camarilla. And back to Fort Salem, the deadly witch plague may be gone but something mysterious/sinister still remains.

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Please note that this synopsis contains spoilers for Season 3, Episode 1 “Homo Cantus”

We go back to 136,455 years ago. A group of six unknown wizards sing the seeds, causing the sky to fill with lightning. At the end of their song they hug and then go their separate ways.

In the Midwest, our brave fugitives work and live with other witches/evaders in a “shipping and receiving facility” that also magically shelters them. Raelle (Taylor Hickson) and Scylla (Amalia Holm) are finally able to spend time together even if it’s while they are working. Of course they’re not the only ones here because Nikti Patan (Arlene Aguayo Stewart) went with the group to hide, as per Tully (Jessica Sutton) insistence. She’s using her Spree to hide her face and wants the trio to change up their looks, too.

Back in the Capitol, Vice President Silver (Victor Webster) gives an interview on the news, naming the girls who He killed his daughter Penelope. The reporter wants to know what to ask of them. His answer: “Why should it be her?” He then mentions unregistered witches living in the United States and says he has raised funding for a genealogical research project “to identify those with unknown witch origins…so we can protect them.”

After the news report, the fugitives met up with the leader of the Dodgers, Mac. He tells them that most others (including them) believe their innocence and the attack on Fort Salem. But now that the vice president has made public statements, Mac is telling them to be careful. There is a lot at stake. He wants to give them a safe space, but “keep us safe with you.”

Anacostia (Demetria McKinney) chats via Knight with Silver Security Officer, Sterling Woodell (Luke Roderick). He even knows his boss is doing something, and it might be dangerous.

At Fort Salem, new General Petra Bellwether (Katherine Love Hagquist) walks the ground and talks with science advisor Isadora (Emily Leclerc). The groups are busy removing the Plague of the Witch from the base. I told the general that the marks on the trees were still harmless, but that the low-pressure weather system was in the air.

little girl Tiffany (who saved Scylla and Anacostia) Back in Scylla’s care. *I thought she was in a compromise with Quinn and Ray’s father, Edwin? * Tiffany (Ava Marshfielder), tells Scy that she heard when witches change their face that it’s the face of someone they killed. Scy is quick to tell her it’s not true, it’s simply your own business. Suddenly a bell rings and a mysterious group comes to the shelter. Mac tells them not to worry, they are a group of ex-Spree looking for a safe haven.

Raelle and Scylla are back to share the bed and are happy. Rael says she feels for the first time that she has a future to dream about. Scy says she loves it and returns the feelings.

During breaks and downtime, Tally trains for a rooftop fight with an unmasked Nicte. Nicte again brings their face changing, “You’re crazy not to change your appearance.” Tally not sure. As they train Nicte constantly outperforms Tally. She tells the young soldier that she has talent but that she lacks prey. Nikti says her eyesight is limited – about a minute – into the future and she can see what drives Tally’s plans to achieve. Tally also possesses the ability and begins to practice her skill, but not before a bird defecates on her head… as Nikti predicted.

Girls keep talking about changing their looks, but Abigail (Ashley Nicole Williams) is totally against it. She also really wants to talk to Petra, but they can’t. Phone lines can be monitored and potentially put everyone at risk. While chatting, a girl from the new group appears, Vera, who is very friendly with Silla. She also knows Nicte even with her different face.

In Washington, Anna and Sterling use witchcraft to watch silver. He meets an heir known only as Kara and Alban Hearst (The Man Who Tortured Rael). Sterling recognizes Hearst from Fort Salem.

Unable to handle the distance, Adel and Abigail left the facility to call Petra using the phone booth (what are those?). Near the officer on a security mission to Not our girls’ movement It checks for supporters by scanning them with a lamp-like device. Just see watching. Adel interrupts Abigail’s conversation and takes her away. The guard scans the area with his device but sees nothing. Adel and Abigail use magic to hide.

Anacostia reports their findings to Petra who asks about President Wade’s position on everything that is happening. It doesn’t block the Silver Genealogy Project, but did they influence it? After talking about the business, they both admitted that they miss Sarah Alder.

Rael is angry because Adel and Abigail explode alone. The group can be kicked out if they are not careful. Abigail tells them about the lamp and how the guard was checking faces for work. “They are getting close.”

The next day, Tully is honing her new visual skills to practice with Nikti. As she tries to grab her teacher’s lighter, she steps back too far and almost falls off the roof. Nikti catches her. Crisis averted. approx. A pedestrian sees Tully near his fall and reports activity.

With nothing else to do while lying down, Khaleda (Kylie Brown) shares her extensive knowledge of magic with elusive young children. She teaches them the mother tongue and says it is the origin of all the languages ​​of the world. Was this the group of women we saw in the beginning?

Anacostia calls for a meeting with Private M (Ess Hodlmoser). They discussed the difficult year in which she lost several cultivators in the fight against the Spree and now Camarilla. She needs a new distraction and challenge. Anna agrees and assigns her a secret mission.

Adel and Abigail quit work to flirt with their other egos, “Dwight” and “Shelby”. Dwight says his feelings for her are growing and he thinks it’s time to start a family. Abigail breaks down and says Shelby doesn’t know how to feel about it. He asks what Abigail thinks but before she can answer, the cops appear.

The officer from the NOD pool says they received a complaint that someone was messing around on the roof. Disguised Sylla deals with the situation with the officers on a tour of the facility. But the chief officer defected from the group. The gang hides and watches as he uses the flashlight to reveal their whereabouts. Everything is hacked and this is the next error. Guilt weighs on her.

Your Mac comes back and isn’t happy to know it’s been detected. He tells everyone that they have to leave. Sila leaves a stunned Tiffany (“That place was nice, they had bathrooms and a school”) in his care. She takes off with her runaway friends.

Meanwhile, M and Ana have a meeting that VP Silver has with Herst and Co. M enters the building through an air duct on the roof.

In Fort Salem, Isadora conducts vaccinations (witch plague?) outside. She holds a spiral organ on Petra’s neck and sings a seed. Suddenly they stopped as heavy black rain fell from the sky. But that’s not all, Peneolpe’s loud and clear voice can be heard singing while chanting “what a great your art.” Her illusory voice addresses the group, “I think it’s a little late for me.” Izadora falls and the glass shatters.

M crawls through the canal until it reaches a sunroof overlooking the room. About a dozen people were gathered and Hearst and Silver shared their plan to excavate and poison the Mycelium in Fort Salem. “We have secured their end.”

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(free form)

As the gang searches for another place to lie down, Talley bemoans their situation. A sympathetic Abigail says she also broke the rules, but was not caught. Scylla offers a solution to help Abigail talk to Petra, but it will require Spree’s work. On an empty break, Abigail uses a bathroom mirror to call her mother. They fill each other with what’s going on and Petra tells her about Hearst’s warning to prevent the “Union of Heaven and Earth”. They think if it means combining their work, fastingOr a new life is born…

Somewhere in the Basque Country, a stranger sings a string of seeds and raises a body of Mycelium. It’s Sarah Alder (Lynn Rainey). Everyone’s mother.

Mother: Fort Salem It airs on Freeform on Tuesdays at 10PM EST/PT and the next day hollow.

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