Ford Letting Pony Car Fans Join ‘Mustang Stampede’ For 2023 Pony Car Debut

Mustang is coming! And you’ll be able to participate in the “Mustang Stampede” when it enters the city on September 14, coinciding with the seventh generation Official pony car for the first time At the North American International Auto Show.

Mustang fans may get more information about the seventh-generation pony tonight from Ford officials.

Organizers claim that this year’s NAIAS is an indoor and outdoor event that will allow for a greater preview of the product than ever before. For the Mustang’s debut, fans will be invited to watch in person. As part of the “scramble,” fans with their own Mustangs will be able to join a convoy from Ford World Headquarters to Huntington Place Convention Center along the Detroit River bank.

“When we conceived the idea for the indoor and outdoor Detroit Auto Show, The Stampede was the kind of event we had hoped for and believed possible,” said Rod Alberts, Executive Director of the Detroit Auto Show. “We are proud to support Ford in what will be quite a milestone, a celebration of the heritage and future of the Mustang, as well as the global mobility industry, here in Detroit.”

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Rumors spread

10 Million 2018 Mustang Parade
The “scramble” at the North American International Auto Show wouldn’t be the first time this had happened.

There have been a lot of rumors flying in recent weeks, among other things, some “experts” speculating that we could see the first all-electric version of the classic Mustang coupe. That’s it but for sure Not In the cards, our own sources on tell us… We’ll have to wait until sometime after mid-decade to see the coupe run all-electric, and Ford prefers to stick with its classic powerhouse, including updated V-8 configurations now.

However, the automaker has already confirmed that the traditional hybrid will be part of the mix for the next generation of Mustang.

Sticking with internal combustion technology is a winning formula, or so many Ford insiders assert. After all, Dodge will abandon the familiar Challenger and Charger models at the end of 2023, and switch to An all-electric alternative in 2024 based on the Charger Daytona SRT concept It was revealed earlier this week. Chevrolet is believed to be heading in the same direction with an all-electric replacement for the poorly-selling Camaro.

Codename S650

2022 Ford Mustang Shelby GT500 Heritage Edition_19
It’s not clear if the 760-horsepower GT500 will power the next generation Mustang.

The new Mustang — known inside Ford by the codename S650 — isn’t just a rework of the outgoing pony car. there The new hybrid for one thing. And you can expect the gas-electric drivetrain to be tuned to deliver a hefty dose of power, rather than just focusing on fuel economy.

How many other variants will be available is one of the questions we hope Ford will answer, whether on Friday or during next month’s auto show event. At the bottom end, expect to see a 2.3-liter Inline-4 cruising around, making around 320 horsepower for 2023. What’s less certain is whether the 760-horsepower GT500 will remain in the mix, and if so, what kind of package that comes in. We’ll find it under the hood.

Ford has almost certainly taken steps to stiffen the S650 platform to improve handling of the seventh-generation Mustang. This is one of the real weaknesses of the outgoing car.

In keeping with current trends, expect to see the coupe loaded with new digital technology, including the latest version of Ford’s Sync5 infotainment system.

We have a big year ahead

This is a big year for Ford, Mustang celebrates 60 yearsThe tenth The anniversary is on April 17, 2023. Therefore, the automaker is also planning to launch a new Mustang GT3 race car which will make its debut at the Rolex 24 in Daytona on January 30th.

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