Focus on Dewey’s fight against the Oklahoma Baseball League

High school baseball rarely gets more exciting than it was on Thursday between Dewey and Oklahoma Union.

With the final inning approaching, Dewey Doggers took a 6-4 lead, appearing on the verge of ending his twelfth win.

But, the stylized final frame – which saw the teams come together for 10 runs – turned a lot of knuckles white and turned a lot of heartbeats into a bongo drum frenzy.

Dewey pounded five runs into the top of seventh to extend his lead to 11-4 and signal the fat lady to warm up her voice.

But, the big girl had to wait in the wings for a while – the Oklahoma League almost completed a miraculous comeback.

The Cougars scored five runs at the bottom of seventh and the bases were loaded – with the potential to win at the start.

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