FIFA World Cup 2022: A full stadium with 32 teams, groups and fixtures in Qatar

More than two months after the draw was made, the 2022 World Cup kits are now officially complete. In what will be the last 32-team stadium before the World Cup expands to 48 teams in 2026, the stage is now set for November in Qatar.

After Wales overtook Ukraine to qualify for last place in Europe last week to complete the postponed UEFA qualifiers, the last two places in a pair of intercontinental qualifiers were decided this week in the World Cup host nation.

In an unforgettable penalty shootout win over Peru, Australia booked a return ticket to Qatar for their first playoff match on Monday. while, Costa Rica outperformed 10-man New Zealand, 1-0, in the second and final play-off round a day later to complete the field. Like the US men’s team, which will play Wales in their opening match, France and Spain have been eagerly awaiting the qualifying results to find out who their top opponents are and can now start planning their opening matches in the competition.

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