Fiat Panda Italia 90 for football fans

Thirty-one years ago, Fiat GB revealed a very limited edition of the original Panda. The body was decorated with the ‘ciao’ mascot for the 1990 World Cup competition held in Italy, along with striped stripes in the color of the Italian flag. Meanwhile, the grille was decorated with shield decoration, and best of all, the coupling covers were in the shape of a football. This was a car that embodies the spirit of 1990 – when expectations were high that the England football team might finally reach a final for the first time since 1966 – just like the substandard comedians who indulged in Paul Gascoigne’s tradition.

Fiat was a major sponsor of the 1990 World Cup. Azzurri Blue upholstery and interior décor in the 1990s were a tribute to the Italian team’s sector. “The pre-launch press car was intended to have white door mirror caps and a white wiper arm, but these did not appear on production cars,” notes John Corbett, founder of the Fiat Panda Italia 90 Register.

The Italia 90 Special Edition also featured the Ciao amulet on the seat backs, but the distinctive hub caps were reserved for British and German market cars. Fiat has exported pandas to Ireland, the Netherlands and Portugal but not France. However, Corbett notes, “Legend has it that the decision not to sell Italy there was based on historical rivalries with its French cousins ​​over wine, cheese and football.”

The Fiat Style Center and Carrozerria Maggiora also commissioned 40 championship convertible “service cars”, which unfortunately are not sold in this country. Corbett notes that the Agnelli family that owns Fiat and Turin’s Juventus team gave one of these machines highly coveted to both players who played for the national team, “and their name was on the side.” 12 of the 90s converts were pushed onto the field at each of the stadiums hosting the event.

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