Fiat officially announces the name of its new car “Project 376” of the LATAM model!

The FIAT brand is preparing to launch its latest SUV in the Latin American market, blending the best combination of design and performance in its class. FIAT Brazil has now released its first teaser and, along with the car’s silhouette, has also revealed its name: the Fiat Fastback.

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Designed by the Stellantis LATAM design studio, the Fiat Fastback Concept drew inspiration from the Fiat Toro polarized compact pickup truck. The concept car made headlines around the world, instantly making the Fastback spotlight for its production track. Known internally as “Project 376,” it’s been four years since the concept car debuted, mostly due to the pandemic.

In recent weeks, spy photos of the production version of the Fastback test on public roads in Brazil have surfaced online. FIAT’s engineers did a good job of trying to hide the Coupe-like Fastback’s profile in heavy camouflage.

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Judging by the latest spy photos, it looks like Fastback will drop the front design shared with Toro but instead implement the new Pulse’s front design. Most of the front end as well as the front doors should be Pulse.

The prototype caught on the roads recently appears to be “VP” or Rapid Responsive Vehicles. This is the last stage of the verification process, just before the start of production of the car. So that means we should see the final product pretty soon.

Over the next several weeks, FIAT will be releasing more teasers of the all-new Fastback leading up to its unveiling. Fastback is scheduled to reach dealers in the Brazilian market in the second half of 2022.

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