Fiat gives 500, Panda’s new hybrid mild rent on life

Fiat introduced new hybrid versions of the 500 and Panda models, which use a new three-cylinder electric motor that it claims saves up to 30 percent in CO2 emissions.

The new 1.0-liter engine is part of the Firefly family and replaces the 1.2-liter four-cylinder petrol unit. It features a 12-volt belt-driven alternator and 11-amp lithium-ion battery while producing 69 hp (70 hp) and 68 lb-ft (92 Nm) of torque.

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Fiat claims that its new mild-hybrid system is able to shut down the petrol engine even at speeds below 30 km/h (19 mph) when the driver shifts to neutral. During coasting mode, a lithium-ion battery supplies juice to all auxiliary devices.

The system harvests energy during braking and deceleration, stores it in a lithium-ion battery and then uses it to restart the engine and improve acceleration.

The new electric transmission also launches Fiat’s new six-speed manual transmission, which helps improve fuel economy in out-of-town driving, and sits 45mm lower in the engine bay, making the car handle better on the road according to the automaker. Italian. .

The new Fiat 500 and Panda Hybrid models will feature special “Hybrid” badges, an exclusive “Dewdrop Green” exterior color and other model-specific features. Fiat will also offer launch versions of both models, which feature special fabric upholstery made from recycled plastic.

Fiat will launch the new 500 Hybrid in February in Europe, followed by the Panda Hybrid in March, marking the start of a new era of electrification for the brand. 2020 will also be the year when we will see the next generation of the 500, which will be offered in pure electric form only and will be produced at the company’s plant in Turin, Italy.

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