Fiat family seeks to prosecute Lagos BRT driver

The family of the late Pamis Ayanul has applied to the Lagos State Attorney General to sue the express bus driver, Andrew Omenikoron, allegedly in connection with the death of their daughter.

Reportedly, the family’s attorney, Adesina Ogunlana, made the request.

The letter reads: “We have been briefed by the family of the late Pamies Ayanola, the young lady murdered on February 26, 2022, on board the Bus Rapid Transit to serve as their attorney.

“We have their further instructions to apply to your office for an injunction to prosecute the preferred criminal charge against Andrew Ness Omenikoron currently before the Hon. Judge Sirivat Sonike of the Lagos State High Court.

“The family has formally expressed its desire to have a more independent body to prosecute in the circumstances of the matter.

“In their view, an agency and officials of the Lagos State Government are involved in this matter, and they may not reasonably be expected to act as prosecutor against themselves.

Please find attached copies of their letter of instruction to our company and organisation, The Radical Agenda Movement of the Nigerian Bar Association.

In addition, the family is concerned that the charges against the defendant also include allegations of the rape of another person, an incident separate and separate from that of a family member of the deceased.

“This situation may lead to undue complication. We look forward to a positive and timely consideration of our application.”

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