Fiat 500X gets a canvas jacket no one asked for, but it’s kind of cool

  • The 2022 Fiat 500X travels freely with the Yacht Club Capri Special Edition model.
  • An oversized fabric upper offers outdoor driving, and the interior has been updated with ivory leather and wood accents.
  • Blu Venezia paint, unique 18-inch wheels and special edition badges give the 500X a premium look.

    The 500X was already pretty exclusive to small SUVs — Fiat sold only 980 of them this year through September — but in 2022 it got a special Yacht Club Capri model that’s sure to be even rarer. The nautical-themed model is based on the sporty style but includes several high-end touches that push its price upwards of $34,000.

    All Yacht Club Capri models come covered in Blu Venezia paint and have 18-inch wheels with color-matched detailing. The glossy satin finish on the SUV’s bumpers and exterior mirrors looks great against the dark blue paint. The 500X’s panoramic glass sunroof has been replaced in favor of a power-fabric hood that offers a larger opening. The fabric upper, which Fiat cleverly calls the Al-Fresco top, is also available on cheaper 2022 Pop, Sport and Trekking models, but the blue-colored fabric is exclusive to Yacht Club Capri.

    If those changes to the 500X’s exterior aren’t enough to signal its peculiarity, the SUV’s B-pillars are adorned with the special Yacht Club Capri badge. The 500X’s cabin also gets upgrades including ivory leather upholstery with blue piping, a beautiful dark wood dashboard, and gear shift knob with wood and satin trim.

    Fiat is no stranger to marine special editions. In Europe, the 500 minivan was offered similar treatment, with design and brand inspiration from yacht builder Riva. The high-performance 500 Abarth was outfitted with a Riva-inspired design in 2017, and only the 350 were built.

    While the 500X Yacht Club Capri isn’t as exciting as the 500 Abarth version that precedes it, the new fabric upper and unique design are still cool, and look more stylish than many small SUV competitors. It remains to be seen how many homes he will find in North America, but at least, this will be a handsome new pick.

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