Fiat 500 Cabrio Long Term Test Review

The Car Fiat 500 Cabrio Icon operated by Claire Evans, Consumer Editor

Why is he here The Fiat 500 is our 2021 Convertible Car of the Year, and we have six months to find out how it stacks up as a real-world test car.

need to Be comfortable, efficient and fun to roam the local country roads, and have enough range for the occasional long trip

mileage 3806 price list £31,485 target price £31,485 Price as tested £34,010 Test range 152 miles official domain 188 miless

January 9, 2022 – The Highs and Lows of Electric Vehicle Ownership

A recent short break at a hotel in Surrey has prompted any concerns that the Fiat 500 Cabrio is a compromise on practicality. As a two-bag car, it certainly isn’t. The trunk may have a narrow opening but the soft top doesn’t encroach on its capacity, so it easily took a couple of nights. While that’s less than what you’ll get in a Mini Convertible, it’s enough for our needs.

However, living with a pure electric car requires advance planning. Our hotel’s electric car charger was only partially installed, so we drove to the nearest public charger, the Geniepoint unit at a Texaco gas station. However, my application for this network was out of date so we were unable to charge the car. In the end, we drove 15 minutes in the opposite direction to get to the Shell Pay As You Go site to recharge. Next time I will have a better backup charging plan.

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