Extensions on Victorian East Lancashire balconies have been described as ‘criminal’ respectively

The construction of dormer-roof extensions on houses with traditional Victorian porches was described as criminal during an influential debate in Pendle Council on the nature of East Lancashire towns, conservation areas, overcrowded homes and expensive new homes.

The planning application for permission to build dormer windows on the front and rear roof slopes of a listed house in Nelson, which was against the advice of the planning official, sparked a lively debate about the architectural value of traditional Lancashire porches, particularly the visual appearance of parallel streets with the original rooflines, but also housing issues. other.

In this case, a council member said the proposed roof extensions to Nelson’s home would look like a “crazy hat” placed on top of it.

The advisers to the Bendel Council Policy and Resources Committee, a top committee that has the final say on many issues and decisions, considered Nelson’s request at their last meeting (January 20).

The planning request came from a start-up committee, the Nelson, Brierfield, and Ridley Committee. She wanted approval but did not have the authority to violate local policies that were designed to restrict dormer windows but allow porthole windows to align with the slopes of the roof.

The applicant, Muhammad Asghar, submitted an application resulting from a house on Hargreaves Street in Nelson. Planning officers recommended the advisors refuse it.

In a report, officers said the cantilever extensions would “significantly decline” in the design quality of the area, harming the character and appearance of the Whitefield Conservation Area, and the importance of the conservation areas in general. The overall benefits of a window will not outweigh the potential impact.

The report added: “Part of the importance of the conservation area stems from the distinctive and uniform slopes of the blue rocky surfaces in the terraces. Dormer windows are not a distinguishing feature of these terraces or
Protected area”.

Ms. Sarah Cockburn Price, Conservationist, said: “I highly value protected areas. Terraced streets can be so beautiful, winding up and down the hills. The uniformity, symmetry and repetition are wonderful. They are a joy.”

Protective zones began in the 1960s due to the erosion of the fabric of this country. As the Channel 4 Grand Designs TV show might say, some people tend to add “statement features” to their homes. But these people are criminals in my opinion. It is horrific what is happening to our cities across the country.”

She said that she was a huge fan of a writer and television host named Alec Clifton Taylor. Which highlighted the buildings, architecture and characteristics of “ordinary” cities.

“Nelson is one of those kinds of cities,” she said. “The architecture and conservation areas are things to appreciate. Saying that it would be okay for this person to put a dormer or a PVC window on the roof would cause a rash in other dormer windows. Before we know That is, the entire save area will be so spoiled that there will then be an application to terminate the state of the save area.

We must recognize the beauty of the city and protect it. I beg you to refuse this request.”

Conservative committee chair Kon Nadim Ahmed, who is also the council leader, said he had seen many off-the-record requests in the past when he was a member of the Nelson District Committee. He understood that the Nelson Commission allowed dormer windows, including the front roofs. He also said that some of the listed areas benefited from previous government grants to revamp the housing market while others did not.

Labor Coun Zafir Ali challenged Coun Cockburn-Price’s use of the word “criminal” and said there should be a consistent approach to terraced buildings. In the Carr Road Conservation Area, he said, the building was given individual features such as a porch and stonework.

But he added, “With regard to this application of the Hargreaves Street home, I understand it. I don’t see how an architecturally designed dormer window would affect this area. I support its approval.”

Concopur Cond Muhammad Iqbal said: “It’s okay for Concockburn Price to refer to people as criminals when she doesn’t live in a crowded house. I’m sure she doesn’t live in a listed house. I’m sure she has a big house and a garden. What’s criminal is that we “As a society, we have people living in crowded conditions. People are forced to expand their homes because homes elsewhere are too expensive, thanks to conservative policies. The Nelson District Committee considers broader issues outside of planning issues.”

“The housing market regeneration scheme has been discontinued by Conservative friends of Coun Cockburn-Price in the past. Perhaps conservation areas need to look into? Lomeshaw Road is dotted with dormer windows because it has benefited from housing market renovation money.”

“I suspect Coun Cockburn-Price would accept a dormer-rear? So what’s wrong with a front dormer window?”

Con Nadim said, “Conn Cockburn Price is not saying the applicant is a criminal. It is talking about the general effect of dormer windows – a description.”

But Lib-Dem David Whipp said, “Council members are supposed to treat the public with respect and describe it as appalling. You should apologize. If not, you should report to the watchdog. It’s heart-wrenching to say and not to be taken lightly.”

But he added: “We need to balance the needs of the people with the policies to protect protected areas. There is tension between them. I have always voted to adhere to the planning policies. It is not right to undermine the policies because they affect the whole town. There is an argument for and against this. But it will lead the coach and the horses through the planning policies. I hope a more suitable proposal will be found instead.”

Con Cockburn Price responded to criticism of her language by saying, “Across the country, people who don’t adhere to planning regulations are committing criminal acts. We write to planning officers and we see them all the time. These people are criminals and corrupt the country.”

“This particular applicant [in Nelson] Present this plan to the council, it is the right thing to do and it is not criminal. However, passing it for approval would be both criminal and appalling. It is clearly against schematic guidelines and good practice. Conservation areas cover all the buildings in each area. No parts are less important than others. Rear ceilings are just as important as front ceilings. Personal circumstances cannot be entered into planning decisions.

“Victorian balconies tend to have tall, slender windows. The original dormer windows have the same shape. However, too many modern dormer windows are added with wide windows. It’s not a good design. It’s like wearing a crazy hat.”

Although planning officials recommended rejecting the Hargreaves Street normer implementation, a majority of councilors on the Policy and Resources Committee voted to approve it.

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