Ex-Ferrari driver backs Fernando Alonso to success at Aston Martin after a surprise switch

Former Formula 1 driver Jean Alessi backs Fernando Alonso to remain in contention for the F1 title at Aston Martin.

With Sebastian Vettel’s unexpected retirement from Formula 1 at the end of this season, Aston Martin has confirmed that Alonso will leave the Alps and join them for the 2023 season onwards.

Despite being 41, Alonso is showing no signs of slowing down and Alesi believes that if an Aston Martin is good enough, the two-time Spanish F1 champion can still be successful at the top of motorsport.

Fernando Alonso


Alesi gives an example of Alonso’s longevity in sport in an interview with give me sports“I’ll tell you a story,” said Alessi.

“I was in Hockenheim (2001), and at that time, we had a long strait; it wasn’t the Hockenheim that we have now. We had these long straits going into the woods, so, of course, we had the pitch section with all the public and then for a long time, I was In the woods without an audience.

“So, he was next to me [on the drivers’ parade] Suddenly at the end of the forest one of the fans was holding a sign that read “Happy Birthday Fernando”. So I turned to him and said, “Fernando, is it your birthday?” I asked him how old he was, and he said, “20 years!”

“This is my memory of him, and to see his career, it’s amazing. What a fighter. I mean this guy, when you see drivers like him, you’re happy to pay the ticket.”

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Fernando Alonso

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show ambition

The 58-year-old, who has raced Tyrrell, Benetton, Sauber, Prost, Jordan and Ferrari, said what he thinks has sparked Alonso’s interest in joining Aston Martin is that they have clearly shown him that they have great ambition.

“I understand there is a new investor in Aston Martin, and they are very ambitious. The ambition is very big,” Alessi said.

“So, I hope he made a good move this time because sometimes he made some mistakes in his life. But to finish his career with a good move would be a very good story for all of us.”

When asked, Alesi explained why he thinks Alonso can still win titles at Aston Martin.

“Sure,” said the former driver. “We can’t talk about talent because we know he has it.”

“What we can say is can he physically handle all season fighting with young drivers? I have to say yes, the cars are very demanding in terms of G-Force, but Fernando never stopped. [driving]. When he wasn’t in Formula 1, he’s been driving sports cars, and he’s always been in a car, so I’m sure he can [compete.] But to win the world championship for a team like Aston now, I don’t think that will happen next year at least.”

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