‘Euphoria’ Star—And Vintage Car Fan—Sydney Sweeney Reveals The Key To A Successful Road Trip

It’s no secret that Sydney Sweeney is quickly becoming a fashion icon. But what you might not know about the “Euphoria” star is that she loves cars. In fact, the 24-year-old has been working on restoring a 1969 Ford SUV and chronicled the project on her TikTok account @syds_garage, sharing videos of everything from rebuilding the back axel to wire brushing rust. And recently, “The White Lotus” actress unveiled the final result at eBay’s New York Auto Parts Show at the Classic Car Club of Manhattan.

“Since buying my Ford Bronco last February, I’ve done everything from rebuilding the transmission to wire brushing out rust,” Sweeney said at the event. “It’s really important to me to preserve the integrity of the original Ford build, so when I need a rare part – like a unique transmission adaptor that is next-to-impossible to come by – eBay Motors is always my first stop.”

She even added a bit more about the experience with a post on Instagram.

“For over the past year, I’ve been learning and working on rebuilding (my pride and joy) a ’69 Ford Bronco,” she captioned a series of pics working on the car. “There were a bunch of bruises, stained hands, a broken finger, bolts that wouldn’t budge, and difficulty finding parts. But I’m so proud of how it’s all come together! don’t usually do, but I just want to say to any young girl out there that’s interested in cars, Prove ’em wrong; you can do anything you set your mind to.”

As part of the reveal, I was able to chat with Sweeney about this love and how it started with family road trips as a kid. Plus, the star gives her top tips for surviving a long car trip.

Why do you love vintage cars?

“I love how vintage cars are a labor of love. They have history, feel unique and special to each individual, and need care.”

What was the best part of the rebuilding process?

“I think the best part of the rebuild was connecting with the car. There were moments I felt like she was mad at me and moments she was happy. A part of you goes into the car and will always be there. Since buying my 1969 Ford Bronco last February, I’ve done everything from rebuilding the back axle to wire brushing out rust. can be nearly impossible to find—eBay Motors is my first stop.”

Have you ever been on a road trip?

“I used to go on road trips all the time with my family! We went all over the Pacific Northwest, and a lot of our trips were from Spokane to Los Angeles and back.”

What’s the key to a successful road trip?

“The key to a successful road trip is one make sure you have enough oil! And to either have a good playlist to keep you going or a few audiobooks to listen to.”


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