Estaburn driver is not qualified after recording cocaine level “outside the graph”

Officers said 23-year-old, unemployed Anthony Tott, of Kings Drive, was seen driving his Audi A3 in Friston by officers and driving away “at excessive speed”.

A Sussex police spokesman said:

Tott admitted he was the driver, then claimed to have taken a ‘big line of cocaine’ only after getting out of the car.

Sussex Police

“He later told the officers that he takes a large amount of Class A drugs every day.”

According to the officers, Tut was charged with driving drugs and driving without sufficient care and attention.

Police said Tutt appeared in Hastings Magistrates Court on July 25, where he pleaded guilty to the charges.

The spokesperson added: “It was revealed in court that officers from the Road Police unit tracked Tut to his home address on August 29 last year.

He completed a DrugWipe test which indicated he was positive, so he was arrested and taken into custody.

Later, he gave a sample that was positive for 183 micrograms (micrograms) of cocaine per liter of blood. The legal limit is 10 micrograms of cocaine per liter of blood.

“Meanwhile, the chemical decomposition of cocaine, called Benzoylecgonine, was tested in TUTT. The legal limit of this element is 50 micrograms per liter of blood. When a tuber sample was tested, it was more than 800 micrograms per liter of its blood.”

Michael Dunn, of the Road Police unit, added that the cocaine levels in the blueberry samples were off the chart and above the limit that a machine could test.

He admitted driving an Audi but said he was unaware of its high speed, and claimed he took a ‘large streak of cocaine’ after getting out of the car.

But he also said that due to the breakup, he had been taking large amounts of the first class drug every day for two weeks.

“Drugs like cocaine and cannabis can remain in the body for a long time after ingestion, and continue to affect [person’s] Feedback and ability to drive.

“Drivers who took these medications put other road users at risk.”

The court ordered Tut to complete 200 hours of unpaid work as part of a six-month suspended prison sentence, according to police.

“He must also complete 15 Rehabilitation Activity Requirements (RAR) sessions, and pay the £85 and £128 victim surcharge,” the spokesperson said.

Officers said the court had banned Tut from driving for three years and ordered him to complete an extended test before getting his license back.

PC Dunn added: “This case shows how long drugs stay in your system. Do not take drugs and then get behind the wheel.

“We are determined to catch the criminals.”

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