El Paso Palace has gone viral for all the wrong reasons

If you are in the market for a palace in the border area and you love the Egyptian style decor, curvy columns and brightly colored walls, I’ve got the home for you!!

The West El Paso mansion was recently listed for sale online, and the viral Facebook page, Zillow Gone Wild, got on the list and shared super sexy photos of this $2.5 million mansion, and the internet went crazy!

Zillow Gone Wild is a Facebook page that showcases some of the most awful homes for sale. Good or bad, Zillow Gone Wild shows “the best of Zillow lol” according to their page.

Tell me more about this palace:

The minor in question has been listed on Zillow’s official website for only one day and has already garnered more than 62,000 views.

According to Zillow’s listing, this “scenic” mansion is located in the Willow Bend subdivision in the westernmost part of El Paso.

Courtesy: Google Maps

Courtesy: Google Maps

The 13,293 square foot mansion was built in 2013 and according to the website, it is a single family residence which makes me scratch my head as the home is described as having 10 bedrooms, 13 bathrooms, 4 attached garage spaces and more features that definitely don’t He shouts, “Single-family stay.”

Zillow’s listing included some photos for curious minds and frankly, the photos weren’t really helpful for this new home listing.

What does a $2.5 million mansion look like?

When you first see the outside photos of the palace, you think, wow. This is a nice looking house! The exterior photos show a beautiful beige house with multiple windows and what appears to be a rooftop terrace.

Courtesy: Zillow

Courtesy: Zillow

Then Zillow’s photos take you indoors and that’s when things get interesting.

Upon entering the house, you will be greeted by the Egyptian décor that includes statues and frescoes.

Then there is an interesting feature for basketball fans. When you walk into the house, you’ll also be greeted by a random basketball court… I mean, just in case you need to shoot some hoops before walking out the door.

Courtesy: Zillow

Courtesy: Zillow

Zillow’s online listing provides multiple images of the home’s 10 bedrooms that feature brightly painted walls, mattresses on the floor, portable fans, interesting room décor, and even one room that features a stripped column because, why not?

Courtesy: Zillow

Courtesy: Zillow

But it was the half-completed toilets without shower curtains that made me scratch my head so much and after looking at all the pictures I couldn’t help but wonder, “Did we run out of money halfway making this mansion?” and I wasn’t alone in thinking about this.

Courtesy: Zillow

Courtesy: Zillow

Facebook users took to the comments section to share their thoughts on this $2.5 million mansion and they weren’t disappointed:

The interior design made Chelsea shake her head:

“Lots of money and so little taste. Why don’t these people hire interior designers??”

Gary was as confused about the basketball court as I was:

“I wonder how many times an interior designer asked her ‘Are you sure about that’ for a marble half of a basketball court.

Jeff pretty much summed up all of my thoughts with his comment:

“This is the home they ‘hit the lottery’ when they buy a big house, move all their existing furniture out of their 1,400 square foot home, and then realize they can’t live there.”

While many wondered if influencers or social media players had ever lived in this house, Sanhan went ahead and used his Googling skills to learn about the identity of the previous owners and according to his research, this mansion was previously owned by a production company:

“And also available for dope shots and…. parties. That explains a lot. Like why all the mf showers are open. You’d think they still had better lighting.”

While most of the comments hated this million dollar mansion, some people suggested using the mansion for the good of our society:

“If I could, I would buy it and turn it into a shelter for people seeking asylum at the Texas/Mexico border.”

Some commentators have also suggested using the palace as a house to house pets.

Pretty solid thoughts if you ask me, but honestly I’m curious to know who the previous owners of this house were asking, what went wrong?!

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