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BOARDMAN, Ohio – A local transportation brokerage specializing in passenger car freight nationwide has turned its business into high gear.

“Car shipping is becoming more and more popular as more people are making purchases online,” says Eric Ray, CEO of Cars. Easy Auto Charginga transportation brokerage firm at 860 Boardman-Canfield Rd.

Ray says the company acts as an intermediary between private car owners and thousands of carriers across the United States. Essentially, the company acts as an intermediary between the carrier and the customer, arranging the carrier to pick up and deliver vehicles from one part of the country to another.

“It’s a great job,” he says. “Everyone has a situation and we are here to solve their situation. Charging a car is not an easy task.”

Ray says clients who have used Easy Auto Ship services include NBA owner Dallas Maverick and “Shark Tank” TV celebrity Mark Cuban. The company brokered deals that shipped everything from a promotional hot dog to Ferraris and assembly items like the 1961 Mustang Mach1.

Easy Auto Ship offices, located at 860 Boardman-Canfield Road.

“I love that car,” Ray says with a smile.

Ray says the company was founded 12 years ago, and much of the business is governed by software that determines which carriers can best accommodate customers who need to ship a vehicle over long distances. Then, these carriers will build cross-country roads to increase their loads with other customers, he said.

“We figure out the situation, get a time frame, find a qualified carrier, and arrange them,” he says.

On a typical Monday morning, a dozen employees with headphones are in front of computer screens in the Easy Auto Ship control room to deal with customer accounts.

The car shipping business has proliferated over the past decade, driven mostly by high-speed internet access and online purchases by customers from private owners or dealerships anywhere in the country and Canada.

“Fifteen years ago, if you didn’t have high-speed internet, you couldn’t shop on sites like Autotrader,” the CEO said. Customers also use the service to transport vehicles to seasonal homes and other destinations.

Ray says Easy Auto Ship makes its money by charging an average brokerage fee of $250 per shipment. Last year, the company generated $30 million in sales and is expected to double that number in five years.

On average, the company handles approximately 15,000 primary carriers, but has arranged transfers with about 50,000 different carriers over the years, he says.

Ray says that Google and investments in SEO or SEO strategies are vital to the company’s growth. The company, for example, ranks first on Forbes Advisor among the Best Car Shipping Companies for April 2022.

“Relationships are essential and there are thousands of brokerage firms,” ​​he says.

Ray says high-ranking search engine positions with sites like Forbes help attract better leads. “Google runs my business.”

Such an online presence is what alerted Lindsey Michaels to the company, which was looking to ship a Fiat 500 from Sarasota, Florida, to a family member in Westchester, Ohio, near Cincinnati.

“It was my first time charging a car and I was nervous,” Michaels says. “I looked at the reviews online and saw that she’s from Ohio,” her home state.

Michaels says the company helped select a moving company and the car was picked up and delivered in less than three days. “They made my mind comfortable and they followed along with me too.”

Ray says the company employs 24, and he expects to hire six more within the next 60 days as the shipping season reaches full capacity.

However, finding qualified personnel has become a major challenge, adds Joe Renoso, chief operating officer of Easy Auto Ship.

“Employment has its challenges,” he says. “The field is not as big as it used to be, but we have a lot of good people.”

Reynoso oversees most of the company’s operations, human resources, and training programs. “We want employees who want to improve us, not just take a seat,” he says.

Ray adds that the positions at the company are unique in that they are not traditional sales positions. Talent, he says, comes through building relationships rather than trying to sell a product or service. “It’s set up as a kind of call center operation,” he says. “I’ve seen seasoned sales people fail this job and then have an 18-year-old who just graduated from high school earning $100,000 in his first year.”

Still, Ray says the company nearly doubled its base pay to attract and retain its sales force, says the CEO. “It’s a serious professional job.”

Meanwhile, the company has set its sights on expansion.

“We’re thinking about a little bit more space,” he says, noting that her current location is tight in relation to space. “We just launched a new website and I hope to get better SEO jobs.”

Pictured above: Eric Ray, CEO of Easy Auto Ship, and Joe Renoso, Chief Operating Officer.

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