East Coast Radio House + Garden Show 2022

40The tenth Celebrating East Coast Radio Show + Garden Show in Durban Exhibition Center It is set to come alive with a host of local designers and decor enthusiasts.

The show takes place this Friday 24The tenth From June to Sunday 3research and development In July 2022 one of its highlights will be the Creative Spaces Pavilion by Plascon Resilience will be recognized as the latest trend. Incorporating the latest Plascon winter and spring palettes, five local KZN interior designers will share their “flexible living” style through the show. Spaces that focus on the flexible design of living, learning and working.

The latest color trends are revealed

As a leading paint company for over 130 years, Plascon continues to lead when it comes to trends and color movements. “Our season of separation and isolation has created an intrinsic need to feel connected and connected in a post-pandemic world,” he says. Suvasin Moodley, Head of Decorative Marketing at Plascon.

“That’s why the Plascon Winter 2022 color palette draws its subtlety from wide-open dusty expanses, from our lush African landscapes, and from the dramatic skies you only see when you’re far from the city limits. It’s a thoughtful palette of color that brings wonderful freedom outdoors, indoors, to our homes and living quarters.”

The five designers who will impress the visitors of the exhibition with what they got They reimagined, reinvented and reconnected the pavilion’s creative spaces It includes Home Studio Décor and Interiors, Lindley & Co Interior Design, Coco and Marigold, and Fabrique Interiors.

Local and flexible design at its best

according to Lindley & Co, they will create a living room that reflects the quiet oasis we all need and crave in today’s world. “I worked with a neutral color palette paired with lots of natural textures and built-in products from local artisans, artists, and artisans,” says Lindley & Co owner and interior design copy, Kirsty Lindley. “I hope to inspire you to ‘return to calm and quiet spaces’ that allow the body and mind to relax and unwind.”

Interior designer, Carmen Robertsi, of Fabric Interiors is inspired by the innovators and entrepreneurs who began making and selling products – from their own home, to the homes of others. According to Robbertse, her Creative Space will showcase a living room boutique of local designs, along with fabrics, wallpaper, and rugs from Silk House. “Beautiful living spaces, to create a beautiful living space,” says Robbertse.

home studio Decoration and interior decoration It is a subsidiary of Home Studio, which has three of the largest furniture stores in KwaZulu-Natal and is a proud local manufacturer of solid wood furniture. According to Renee Kretzinger of Home Studio Decoration and interior decorationThis gives them the opportunity to fully customize the orders for their clients. “We carry a full range of home and office furniture as well as décor items such as décor items, artwork, rugs and wallpaper. We are proud to showcase at this year’s fair our latest collection of sofas and occasional chairs from Home Studio Lounge, a subsidiary of HS Group,” as Kritzinger says.

“I absolutely love black, gray and white in any combination. It will always be classic and perfect for the outdoor space I will be creating.” says Taron Callister, founder and owner of the Coco & Marigold brand. “The clear, bold tones allow one to roam and work beautifully with plenty of greenery, which is key to bringing your outdoor dining space to life!

Mad Designs will do what they do best – pushing the boundaries of what counts as “traditional” design. “Why would you target the ordinary when you could target the crazy?” Says illustrious co-owner of Mad Designs, Nqobile Mthembu. According to Mthembu, the team likes to stay in touch with key global industry trends, draw inspiration from cutting-edge and contemporary designs – whether from Italy, the East or the United States – and then make them relevant to the African context.

“All five selected designers understand flexibility as a new trend,” he says. Kairi Baxter Bros., East Coast Radio House + Garden Show Director. “as a result of, The interior and living spaces must be designed to be easily adaptable, while the outdoors are becoming more valuable as the main living space. This year focus on Multifunctional spaces such as work, home and entertainment are becoming increasingly intertwined, and we can’t wait to see the ultimate creative spaces produced by these talented designers at Plascon Pavilion.”


Over 300 exhibitors will showcase their products and designs at this year’s East Coast Radio House + Garden Show. From art and design to décor, lifestyle and outdoor living, there is something for everyone! We’re also sweetening the deal – with every R100 adult ticket purchased online, you’ll receive a voucher for a slice of cake to redeem at any Chateau Gateau!

For more information or to book tickets, visit www.housegardenshow.co.za

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