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Street. George – Two drivers escaped a rollover on the East Telegraph in Washington City without serious injuries — an incident that police said began when a pickup truck parked on the road from behind collided with a fast-moving passenger car Thursday morning.

Dodge dart tilted to its side during a coup against the East Telegraph in Washington, Utah, August 18, 2022 | Image courtesy of the Washington City Police Department, St. George’s News

Shortly before 8:30 AM, officers and emergency personnel were dispatched to the 3700 Complex of East Telegraph Street in a two-vehicle rollover; A blue Dodge passenger car and a white GMC pickup truck.

Respondents arrived to find that the Dodge tilted on its side and partially blocked each of the eastbound lanes on the Telegraph, while the GMC sustained heavy damage and partially blocked one of the westbound lanes.

At the time of the accident, the Dodge was heading west on Telegraph Street while the pickup truck stopped at 3700 East while waiting for traffic to exit to the left, said Officer Matthew Pratt, an accident investigator with the Washington City Police Department.

“The pickup truck driver was waiting for traffic to exit at 3700 East so he could get into the job site,” Pratt said.

Then Dodge hit the truck at nearly 50 mph, he said, and the force of the collision caused the Dodge to roll onto its side and left the truck driver with minor injuries.

A GMC pickup truck suffers severe damage in the rear as two vehicles pass over the East Telegraph in Washington, Utah, August 18, 2022 | Photo by Cody Blowers, St. George’s News

Pratt went on to say that the man driving a Dodge told the officers he hadn’t seen the truck stopped on the road.

The Dodge sustained extensive damage to the front and side, while the rear of the truck twists and folds upon impact.

The man driving a Dodge was later cited for getting too close and never getting a driver’s license. The police also seized his car.

Meanwhile, the truck driver used a tractor from his work site, located on the other side of the accident scene, to push the pickup truck off the road.

Pratt also said that fortunately, none of the drivers were seriously injured in the collision, given the speeds involved.

Westbound traffic was obstructed for over 45 minutes as responders cleared debris and removed vehicles from the road. The Washington City Police Department and the City of Washington Fire and Ambulance Services responded and are tending to the scene.

This report is based on statements from police, emergency personnel, or other responders and may not contain the full range of findings.

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