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No longer will flower planting trays make a mess, a sore back from picking them up and clutter your garden shed with ideas about future use. Thanks to Eco + Grande Pots, we can now simply pull out four tabs, plant them and pot, which is a true environmental marvel.

My son James alerted me to the fact that shelves of pretty bedding plants were on sale and on display at major garden centers, and asked if I knew about the new Eco + Grande ready-made containers for plants.

It was several hours before I could get to the garden center to check on them. When it arrived every plant was sold out, how could this be? Do customers know they are buying the latest in science and technology, eco-friendly containers, or are they pretty flowers? It’s unbelievable that this scenario repeated twice before we got our hands on some bedding plants in these new pots.

You may be wondering what all the fuss is about. Well, first off, you’d swear these utensils were plastic but they aren’t. It is a vegetarian, developed from corn, sugar beets, and switchgrass. Without being overly scientific, the plastic-like biopolymer is made. Winners Eco + Grande’s installed containers have feeders built into the container walls. These organic nutrients are rich in phosphorous, calcium and nitrogen. When containers planted directly in the soil decompose, nutrients are released to the roots throughout the season.

The process is simple, you peel off four tabs on the bottom of the pot and place them in the planting hole. Removing the tabs is essential so that the roots are properly exposed to the soil and start growing. These containers and removed tabs can be transplanted into your favorite landscape beds or mixed containers. Water your plants well after planting. Eco + Grande containers will gradually disintegrate over time, helping to nourish the plant’s roots.

By planting the entire container in the soil, you reduce root disturbance, and you don’t have to worry about weekly feedings or worry about fertilizer runoff. As climate and environmental conditions vary over the course of the long growing season and across the country, the cuttings remaining in the soil may vary in size and can simply be plowed for the next planting season.

Son James planted two flats of Blue My Mind evolvulus grown in Eco + Grande containers. Use the original Winners Twist n’ Plant Gardening Drill with Cordless Drill. Made this project fast as the container just slipped right into the hole. The Garden Guy was lowered into cultivation with a shovel or hoe.

One way to look at the Eco + Grande is like strength in the pack. We all planted flower trays and then complained about the effort it took to pick up the little plastic pots. Then we think maybe we’ll save it and use it, maybe we’ll redo the cycle. Next thing we know we crossed the line into our crowded garden shed.

If for some reason you choose not to plant Eco + Grande in the ground, know that it is environmentally friendly and compostable, whether it is your own city compost system. The confirmed winners took part in years of research on the new Eco + Grande and as they say they didn’t have to drill for oil to produce it. You have to admit that with the award-winning flowers grown at Eco + Grande, it’s a great time to be a gardener. If you see it for sale, I hope you’ll give it a try.

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