Doug DeMuro shows off the 2022 Audi S3

The Volkswagen Golf R simply has the merchandise that backs up its claim that it’s a hot hatch. But despite all the good things, customers may prefer a Volkswagen sedan Audi Luxury brand – S3. The price gap between these two cars isn’t too big, and Doug Dimouro has revealed in his YouTube video why the 2022 Audi S3 is a better buy.

Audi equals Prestige, S3 means performance

Doug earlier reviewed the 2022 VW Golf R, and while he was impressed with the hot hole, he ran into some issues against it. Essentially a performance – but not a high-performance – version of the Audi A3, the S3 addresses many of the issues raised against the Golf R. In terms of power, the Golf R delivers more output and torque than the S3. In terms of performance, however, the S3 isn’t too far behind the Golf R.

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However, customers don’t buy a Golf R or S3 just for their power, as there are hotter hatchbacks and sedans. However, owning the feature-rich S3 seems prestigious because Audi is a premium luxury brand. Volkswagen, on the other hand, is focused on the mainstream. In terms of prestige, Audi demands a better option. Price-wise, the S3 is about $2,200 more expensive than the Golf R, but it already has more premium features at a slightly lower level of performance.

Audi S3: richer interior, more technology

As Doug pointed out, the Audi S3 offers a much better interior and more technology than the Golf R. For example, the cabin of the S3 looks more aggressive and impressive than that of the Golf R. For the S3, with some sporty details of the Golf R, which should have Ultimately lead to better financial profits for Volkswagen as a brand.

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While driving fast, Doug noticed that S3 engines like the Golf R. Both have amazing acceleration, great handling, communicative steering, and good balance and control. Moreover, the S3 provides a comfortable ride despite its power. However, Doug noted that the S3 is losing out to the Golf in terms of cargo space.

The Audi S3 offers more advantages over a small price gap

Doug noted that the Audi S3 is a compromise between performance and comfort. It’s not as practical as the Golf R, but the S3 offers a more premium interior and more high-tech goods. For a small price difference of just $2,200, the S3 would be a better buy than the Golf R.

Source: Doug DeMuro on YouTube

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