Double tourbillon powering the Lamborghini Countach watch

The Roger Dubuis Excalibur Spyder Countach DT/X ​​47mm watch was inspired by the car of the same name.

Like Lamborghini, Roger Dubuis, the Italian supercar partner of the Swiss watch industry, does not run the watches dedicated to the watchmaking center. Just as the new Countach was built from scratch for the rich, Dubuis’ new 47mm Excalibur Spider Countach DT/X ​​has been built using the best watch technology, closely aligned with the development of the super elite car.

The latest innovation from the Dubuis Lamborghini Squadra Corse range, the Excalibur Spider Countach DT/X, is the jewel of work undertaken by visionary automotive engineers in partnership with highly skilled watchmakers.

A watch is basically a wearable lambo. Moving from the paddock to the wrist, the DT/X ​​delivers unparalleled aesthetics and distinctive design elements to the ride for which it is named; All sharp and futuristic angles run from front to back. It’ll be hard to get your hands on, though, as all eight very limited editions sell out once the watch was announced last week.

The RD112 movement that powers the watch includes a double tourbillon that can be seen both front and back. The tourbillon is a mechanics added in the watch escapement that increases the accuracy. Connected by a differential and mounted at a 90-degree angle, these components compensate for the effect of gravity on two axes. The two DT/X ​​tourbillons tilt strictly perpendicular to each other, to compensate for the effects of horizontal and vertical gravity. These twins indicate the number of production cars of the same name and the lightweight materials used to build the tourbillon cages guarantee 60 hours of power reserve.

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The Excalibur even replicated the Countach in the red and black engine bay hatches and in the angular chassis in its simple metal face. A rising protective glass incorporates the ‘periscopio’ roof of the piece, and the extremely elegant exterior of the DT/X ​​is finished in Bianco Sideral to match Ferruccio Lamborghini’s personal Counch. An additional red and black tape around a 3D rubber strap brings tire company (and partner Lamborghini) Pirelli into action.

Roger Dubuis made just eight of the $815,000 watch, but there are plenty of supercar time technologies available from about $50,000 to $234,000. Shop the Roger Dubois x Lamborghini Squadra Corse collection from

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