Dodge to phase out Challenger and Charger in favor of electric cars

“This thing got Hemi?”
“Not now.”

Dodge has built its reputation on big V8 engines built into powerful muscle cars, powerful sedans and SUVs. But American automakers are going electric. None of them want to be caught with a bunch of heavy gas when the rest of the industry moves on. So what will happen to Dodge’s beloved lineup of V8-powered Zamrin?

“These cars you know today will be out of production by the time we reach 2024,” said Dodge Brand CEO Tim Kuniskis. motor direction. The magazine reports that the Charger sedan and Challenger muscle car will be phased out over the next three years.

Three electrified models

In their place comes what Dodge refers to as “the electric muscle.” Kuniskis says the first electric muscle car will make its public debut within five months. He also says he’s expecting a plug-in hybrid with a Dodge badge and a third car.

“The third car is going to be a very, very, very important car at the end of the year,” he says, presumably meaning next year.

He says plans do not include a Dodge Durango plug-in hybrid (PHEV) engine. This is kind of a surprise. Historically, the Jeep Grand Cherokee and Dodge Durango used the same platform. Jeep recently introduced a revamped Grand Cherokee with an available PHEV drivetrain. But, at least for now, Kuniskis says Durango isn’t making the same leap.

pleasing its base

However, Dodge knows that its fan base is not the Tesla Chargers. The brand has a loyal following that appreciates its devotion to the pleasures of fire under the hood. In the short term, you plan to continue offering what they love.

“For 24 months, we’ve been feeding the beast,” Kuniskis says. The “Never Lift” brand campaign will include a line of direct-connect performance parts designed to add strength to existing Dodges and several “buzz models” aimed at enthusiast drivers.

The brand invited selected dealerships to become “Power Brokers” trained in selling and servicing specialty performance vehicles.

Rounding off the sides

Dodge knows it will have some persuasion to do to attract some of its most loyal fans to the Electric embrace.

“I’m doing knives because I have to keep two different big factions happy,” Kuniskis said. motor direction. Because he knows that. The magazine reported that some enthusiasts “sent death threats to the Kuniskis” over the electric brand’s plans.

But the Dodge leader is convinced, “At some point these two factions will converge. The problem is that no one knows when they will converge. My job is to provide confidence, for the next 24 months, that we will.”

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