DIY Flooring Mistakes to Avoid for a Professional Finish – Interior Tips

DIY flooring is currently exploding on social media platforms like TikTok and Instagram. Making your own flooring is a cheaper alternative when it comes to keeping up with the latest trends. With DIY flooring on the rise, Magnet Trade has revealed the biggest flooring mistakes to avoid so homeowners can achieve a professional finish.

“The age of Covid has inspired us all to get busy in our homes,” said Lizzie Beasley, Head of Design at Magnet.

“Today’s society is heavily inspired by growing trends, so it only makes sense that they are turning to TikTok for easy and aesthetic upgrades, but it’s important to do it right.”

Here are the biggest flooring mistakes to avoid:

“Avoid hardwood floors in bathrooms at all costs,” said Magnet experts.

It may sound amazing, but the bathrooms are hot and humid which means laminate floors are not the best option.

Instead, choose laminate or vinyl flooring that is water-resistant.

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If you have pets, marble floors may not be right for you

Marble floors are great but it’s important not to make design and material decisions that don’t fit your lifestyle.

Those with pets should avoid marble floors as they can easily stain and get scratched.

Wooden floors are best for those with pets.

Don’t skip the foundation

Although it can be tempting to skip buying a foundation, having a decent underlayment is really important when it comes to new flooring.

Homeowners should consider whether they need to level the floor or if they want something comfortable under their feet when touring.

Getting it wrong won’t be cheap as it likely means homeowners need to start from scratch and pull the ground.

Don’t forget to search

Do your research to find out what materials and tools you need and how much they cost.

YouTube offers a great selection of DIY videos too.

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Do not rush

Don’t rush to DIY flooring as you may end up making a mistake that may cost more in the long run.

Take time to make sure it looks professional.

If you need help installing a new floor, don’t be afraid to ask a friend or professional for help.

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