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I have a girlfriend named Rachel.

She told me, “I’m a good person!”

It reminds me of many people, people whose best traits are not seen, buried under the rubble that is their life.

She told me “I’m fun!” And she is.

She doesn’t drink or do drugs and she talks about the only person I know who can go out to the bar, dance, socialize, and feel good without the benefit of mind-altering substances.

She runs the Facebook yard sale website, which is actually the source for this column’s idea.

Sometimes I sit on my balcony a lot, and I fall back to my phone.

And in an epidemic that is changing mental health, Facebook yard sales and Facebook video shares of people hitting each other and “Karens Going Unruly” are my addiction, and it’s slowly becoming my addiction.

Yard sale sites, well, make me laugh. All clothes are “barely worn!” or “Tags are still running!” People sell trinkets, trinkets, coffee mugs, and things you don’t think anyone would want.

And with COVID, came the term ‘balcony transfer’.

from? I said to myself, Who drives to a stranger’s house, sometimes in the dark of night, to take a cup of coffee from someone’s front porch?

And who wants strangers to come to their house?

I realized there was a need for Facebook yard sale sites.

During the early months of COVID we were not allowed to do yard sales and garage sales, an addiction for many during the long summer months.

It’s just one of the many, many things we’ve missed during the lockdown.

Facebook has popped up with buyers and sellers, from mere trinkets to cars, trucks, and boats.

Well, I said, that’s good for them. It makes people happy.

Then Rachel posted something. Free. to “whoever needs it”.

I’ve seen similar posts. I’ve seen people giving advice, helping new moms and families. Posts telling us about the next food drive or where they can buy toilet paper.

I saw posts from people looking for work, any business, just to earn extra profit.

I haven’t seen any of the vile posts you normally see on Facebook.

People were kind to each other, thoughtful and helpful.

Even though we were divided, and despite the perception that we somehow lost touch, what was happening was real community. A community of strangers allows other strangers into their lives, to help each other out when we’re down.

People were handing out food, diapers, furniture, lamps, and even bath towels.

All you have to do is ask and someone will respond to someone in need.

It gave people an outlet, a place to go, even if, like actual yard sales, to browse only in the hope of finding treasure.

Rachel sells a lot of items on Facebook. She makes crafts, does a great job, and sells them with a steal. Her stuff is immaculate and when she’s not selling, she runs the site, helps those who need help and points some in the right direction.

“Don’t forget to say how beautiful and wonderful I am!” She said when I asked her for permission to write about it. “Wait. Check it out! So funny!”

Yes, she is a beautiful and wonderful woman.

Good spirit, like a lot of people out there.

Scott Desmett is general assignments reporter for the Daily News. He can be reached at [email protected]

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