Delhi Autorickshaw Driver develops natural air conditioner over his car to keep passengers cool

New Delhi: When the weather is hot and the heat is better than us, we try to keep cool using traditional methods. But there are those who think outside the box and achieve great success.Also Read – Delhi sees drop in daily Covid toll for third day in a row; 1,076 cases records | Most important updates

One such individual is Mahendra Kumar who drives a motorized rickshaw in Delhi and has also devised a unique way not only to keep his three wheeler vehicle cool but also for the passengers to feel uncomfortable in the sweltering heat while enjoying their autorickshaw ride. Also Read – Days after customer death at Gardens Galleria POP, staff of Noida 2 restaurant attacked Delhi residents with knife

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Turning to nature, Mahindra Kumar has created a “roof garden” at the top of his motorized rickshaw, and as a result, even as temperatures reach 45°C in the national capital, the thick green patch keeps Kumar’s vehicle cool.

His “moving garden” attracts customers who stop and click pictures or take videos as they ride inside the auto-rickshaw. From shrubs to flowers, Kumar has grown a variety of 20 crops and is believed to be doing his “own little things” for the environment. He obtained the seeds from acquaintances and from the side of the road and planted them in a motorized bicycle after placing a mat and some soil on its surface.

According to Kumar, his fellow drivers were asking him for tips to impress customers.

“About two years ago I had this idea during the height of the summer season. I thought if I could grow some plants on the roof, it would keep my car cool and relieve my passengers from the heat,” 48-year-old Kumar said in an interview with AFP.

In fact, apart from the green, Kumar fixed two small radiators and fans inside his car. Now, the guy has already put in a lot of effort and innovation.

Kumar, a father of three, said he gets extra tips because of his “great customer service”.

“Now it is like a normal air conditioner. My passengers were so happy after the flight that they wouldn’t mind paying me an extra 10-20 bucks.”

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