Delayed sentencing of the man who killed Mohamed Dangoor at his father’s car show

The verdict on the man who killed Mehmet Dangoor at his father’s car show has been postponed.

  • The case against Mehmet Dangoor’s killer has been postponed to June.
  • The delay was due to incomplete psychiatric reports, which were required for the sentencing process.
  • Confidence Segoro, 39, shoots and kills Dangor at a car show in Klerksdorp in 2019.

The sentencing of the man who killed Muhammed Danjour at his father’s car show, Klerksdorp, has been postponed to June.

The delay was the result of incomplete psychiatric reports, which had to be submitted by the conduct officer.

On Friday, Confidence Segoro appeared in Klerksdorp Regional Court for sentencing after being found guilty of killing Dangor in February.

According to a National Prosecuting Authority (NPA) spokesperson, Henry Mammoth, the probation officer indicated that her report is complete, but she is still awaiting the psychiatric report requested by the defense attorney for sentencing purposes.

Mammutami said:

The probation officer also asked the court to order a defense attorney to assist in the investigation of this report as she struggles to do so. The court granted the order.

In April 2019, Sekgoro purchased a car from Speedy Car Sales in Klerksdorp.

After buying and picking up the car, he took it to Mavicing, but later complained that the car was defective.

Mammutami said the merchant returned her for inspection.

He said that the results showed during the inspection that there are no defects as it was maintained before.

The agent ordered Segoro to pay the transportation costs before they could return his car to him.

He then applied to the Supreme Court of the Northwest Circuit urgently to return his vehicle.

“But the court rejected his request and the order was removed from the record,” Mammutami said.

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On November 11, 2019, Sekgoro went to the dealership to pick up his car, but the sales manager, Mahbub Soumra, 36, after consulting with the dealership’s lawyer, told him to pay the transportation costs.

According to Mammutami, Segoro was asked to wait for Muhammed Dangoor, who was the son of the merchant’s owner, to become more involved in the matter.

Sekgoro then went to Dangor’s office, who was accompanied by Yusuf Ali, 61. An argument ensued before he started shooting them.

“He proceeded to chase Somra in the showroom and shot him,” Mammutami said.

Dankur’s death was announced at the scene.

Soumra and Ali were seriously injured and were taken to hospital for treatment.

After the shooting, Mammutami said Siguru asked for directions to the police station, turned himself in, and was later granted bail of 10,000 rand.

During the trial, Siguru claimed that he acted in self-defense because Dangoor was carrying a firearm and threatened to shoot him.

“This request was denied, however, by a video clip that was accepted by the court as evidence,” Mammutami said.

An expert has testified to the authenticity of the footage.

The state’s attorney general, attorney Ricky Krause, said Segoro’s action was premeditated, which the court agreed to, Mammutami said.

The case was adjourned to June 10.

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