Dale Earnhardt Jr. put Ross Chastain in a home. Now, it’s NASCAR TV’s gold

Before Ross Chastain stopped the drivers at the cup level, he was ruffling the feathers at the Xfinity Series.

Prior to that, he was paying rent to Dale Earnhardt Jr.

yes. That Dell Jr.

“Ross used to rent from me. I own some rental properties in town, so I always felt like Ross and I had such a good friendship,” Jr. said this week during an NBC conference call.

“He was so close to him as he was trying to get some momentum in the sport. We raced against him at the Xfinity Series, and he ran really hard and aggressive with no apologies and it was always fun to watch…unless he was hard working and aggressive with the cars he owns.

“There were weekends when I would get really frustrated with him, but then the following weekend he would drive the same way but at least it wasn’t against my cars and I like that.”

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Ross Chastain ‘One of the Best Things’ for NASCAR

NBC’s Junior and NASCAR crew is set to take over TV coverage for the remainder of the season, which begins Sunday in Nashville (5 p.m., NBC). After a rare holiday week, the Cup Series returns for the first 10 consecutive races to finish the regular season.

And yes, it would be wise to keep an eye on Chastain moving forward. Don’t take my word for it though.

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